Casual Office & A Taco Truck

When I’m not at a client site, I have a pretty awesome dress code – casual. Almost anything goes. Most of my co-workers wear jeans, cargo shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, and tennis shoes, and that includes our boss some days. This sometimes makes getting ready the easiest thing ever, but it can be challenging trying to wear work appropriate cuts without looking too dressy. I find most of my work clothes get little use at the home office since they can be tough to dress down.

Here’s something I’d wear on a typical day…



These are pretty much the only skinny jeans I wear to work since they aren’t too tight. I’d love to find another, work-appropriate pair. Any suggestions?


  • Skinny jeans: Guess
  • Top: Banana Republic
  • Wedges: Aldo
  • Bracelet: gift from my sister


These wedges are from last year when I was on my super budget. They are the only pair of shoes I bought all spring and summer.


In eats news, my co-worker found an awesome taco truck. The truck always seems to be pretty busy.


So far, I’ve just tried a couple of the tacos – the barbacoa (pulled beef), chicken, and carnitas (pulled pork). The beef and pork are my current favorites. I love that they’re served on corn tortillas. You can have them with or without onions and cilantro. You also get a lime wedge and two salsas – a super spicy green and an addicting red salsa.


In camera news, I bought a new lens and did a really cool photo shoot after work today playing with the natural sunlight. Can’t wait to share the photos!


Reader question: What’s the dress code of your office? And, let me know if you have tips for me on the work appropriate skinny jeans.

15 thoughts on “Casual Office & A Taco Truck”

  1. I was astonished when I first started working my office four years ago…we can wear whatever the heck we want: shorts, tanks, even workout clothes. In fact, I had a meeting today with my boss and he wasn’t wearing shoes. Crazy California!

    I find the same problem with skinny jeans – I think the designers take the “skinny” too far and they end up being too tight on my thighs. I read in another fashion blog that you can achieve a similar look by buying straight legged jeans (usually from GAP) and rolling up the bottoms. I’ve been meaning to get a pair of boyfriend jeans (also GAP) and pairing them with heels or wedges and a girly top..which I think can be work appropriate in your situation.

    • Nice! I was wondering if I could wear workout clothes to my office, but I’m thinking it’s a no. lol.

      I was thinking boyfriend jeans, too! I wonder if they’d mind if they had holes in them. I do like the idea of straight leg jeans rolled up. I do have a pair that I have been wearing to the office already.

  2. Haha, the dress-code at the client site I’m at in Seattle is non-existent. I saw a guy wearing a Jack Skellington(Nightmare before Christmas) shirt today.

  3. I have never worked anywhere that didn’t require suit-style kind of clothes for the most part, but some places have had a casual Friday (if only once a month). I think skinny bootcut jeans with a loose top works okay for that, as it still looks tidy. I also throw a blazer on so it’s still pretty smart no matter who I wind up bumping into or having an ad hoc meeting with.
    I love that the first commenter’s boss didn’t even wear shoes today! I’d like to experience working in that kind of place at least once in my lifetime.

  4. I work in a school where people dress casually most of the times… our only rule is no jeans or stretchy pants except on Fridays. I tend to wear more business casual in my Special Ed position because I deal with parents and professionals more often than most.
    I would guess that you could dress up your casual attire with fun jewelry. I love the wedges!

  5. i love those wedges! i don’t have a full time job yet and am in the process of applying for some now (just finishing grad school)… so i’m holding off on purchasing any (or many) new clothes until then simply because i don’t know what my dress code will be in whatever library i end up at! most are pretty casual though… the librarians at my school now pretty much all wear jeans or khakis- i’ve only seen my boss in a skirt once, and never in a suit.

    • Good idea holding off. There are some things that transition between casual and formal, like some tops, shoes, and accessories.

      Good luck with your job hunt! 🙂

  6. I work in a pretty casual (nonprofit) office where we’re expected to look “professional” insofar that your like, bra straps aren’t hanging out, but jeans are totally fine. I usually make an effort to look a little nicer (especially now that it’s hot out I’m usually in dresses and skirts). That said, I don’t see a problem with skinny jeans, even tighter “jegging” type jeans. If your top is conservative (no crazy deep v neck or anything super tight, and preferably a little longer, to hit at the hip or even a tunic length) and you wear ballet flats, nice sandals, or wedges like yours, they can look perfectly work appropriate. All of my skinny jeans are pretty form fitting and I’ve worn them for years in the way described above and have never gotten a negative comment from anyone in my office–I’ve actually gotten compliments from my manager. 🙂

    • Great points, Andi! I have considered trying out a longer top with the slimmer-legged pants. Guess I need to check my closet for something that could work. 🙂

  7. i can only wear jeans on Fridays, but some of my favorite styles include high-waisted flare (look a bit more like dress pants), black straight or skinny denim (not skintight), colored denim (i have both floral and pink jeans that i do wear to the office when paired with black tops and flats), or even just bootcut jeans that work well for day/night.


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