Breakfast at Bluebird Kitchen {Pittsburgh, PA}

I considered skipping over the last photos of my latest Pittsburgh trip and getting to a day-to-night fashion post I’ve had queued up for a bit. I don’t know if anyone will ever use this post on some future trip to Pittsburgh (or even if a local may find it helpful), but I sometimes shoot to help the one or two out there. I dunno…why not, right? Also, I was really so impressed with my breakfast at Bluebird Kitchen, I had to share.

I stayed at a different hotel this trip (the last one had two quick options right downstairs), and all the food options for this one seemed like they were several blocks away. I did a Yelp map search looking for something close and noticed Bluebird Kitchen, one of the places I scoped out on my first trip, was actually not terribly far away. I set out sans coffee (err) to find the restaurant, breakfast, and caffeine.


You guys know I love eggs in the morning, so I planned on getting the frittata, which I saw on their online menu. I was really excited when I walked up to the specials board and saw a quiche option. Ham? Yes! Cheddar? Yes! Arugula? Yes!


I had checked out the baked goods the day before when I was there for lunch and thought the muffins and scones looked especially good.


I ended up picking the lemon blueberry muffin.


The muffin was delicious with large, plump blueberries inside and a crunchy sugar topping.


And the quiche was deceptively small. I remember opening the box and thinking, “Aww, how cute is this tiny quiche?” But, it wasn’t really that tiny, and it was definitely filling. I loved the combo of ham and cheddar cheese and thought the arugula was a nice touch. I’d definitely get this (and the muffin!) again. I wonder if they have a quiche of the day, perhaps?


I thought about eating al fresco at this sunny square, but I had to go back to my hotel room to prepare for a meeting. Maybe I’ll check it out some other time?

By the way, Bluebird Kitchen is also on Facebook and twitter, and they usually post their (at least lunch) specials. Check em out for a quick & tasty breakfast or lunch.

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  1. I LOVE it when you share your adventures with us! Especially enjoyed all the photos from yesterday. The quiche looks very interesting, and since we have a ton of arugula, I’ll be trying to re-create the recipe! So glad you enjoyed your trip to Pittsburgh. You brighten my days. Thanks so much! :o)

    P.S. I get many great ideas from your fashion posts for putting together my outfits. THANKS!!


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