Wiggin Out

I headed to Roanoke, VA for the weekend to visit my friend Sara for her 30th birthday party (with a very interesting & fun theme).


A visit to Sara means getting to see this cutie-pie.


{Soph dog!}


Friday was low key – pizza over the Olympics and trying on wigs. Yup, you read that right – wigs. The theme for the weekend was #wigout since my friend Sara loves wigs. We started Saturday with a delicious, home-cooked brunch by the birthday girl, herself – a sausage egg casserole, sweet breads from the Fresh Market, and bellinis.






We spent Saturday afternoon wig shopping. Who knew it could be so fun?! I’ve learned I like the blue and purple ones best.


I also learned that I may be able to pull off short hair after all. (still thinking of doing a major hair cut)


I ended up with this long, white wig with blunt bangs. Please check out Erica’s sassy red wig and fascinator.


{Group shot photo from Erica}

I should have taken photos of Sara in her three fabulous wigs for her party. Who needs costume changes when you can just change your hair? Anywho, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Metro and then danced into the wee hours of the night. The wig party was an absolute blast and such a fun theme (in the event you’re looking for a good idea for yourself or a friend).

Happy birthday, Sara!

Reader question: What type of wig would you wear to a #wigout party?

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  1. First of all that dog is too cute! She looks fake she’s so perfect
    Secondly I’d want color lots and lots of color and a fun style since well I have no hairstyle


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