Impromptu Pittsburgh Pirates Game

After wrapping up my first work day on my business trip in Pittsburgh, I started thinking about dinner. I relaxed in the hotel room whist checking out Yelp, but for some reason, I wasn’t all that hungry. Guess my lunch was more filling than I expected. Right around 7pm, I decided I just needed to get out of the hotel room and walk around…maybe snap some more photos of the city. I headed in the direction of a couple of the restaurants I scouted out online earlier, but I ended up doing something different altogether.


As approached the restaurants, I noticed swarms of people walking down the road and crossing a bridge. They were all headed to the Pirates game that night.


I wasn’t sure if it had started or not, but I decided to follow the crowd over the bridge. (I try to stay open to impromptu adventures.)


The walk over the bridge is really pretty and so scenic – from the bridges to your left and right to the huge stadium ahead.


{What you see as you cross the bridge – you can hear the crowd roaring as you approach}


How many bridges do you see in this photo?


I decided to see if there were any tickets left for sale and managed to get one in a pretty good section.


The view from the stadium is really interesting. I loved seeing all the buildings and high rises across the river.




{My view of the game}




I’m not sure I could have gotten more lucky with the weather. It was sunny but not too hot.


{Throwing a ball out to the kiddos}


{Pierogi race}





I ended up doing dinner at the game – foot long hot dog with mustard, french fries, and coke.



I stayed till the 9th inning started before deciding to head back to the hotel.





I’m so glad I ended up going to the Pirates game. The only thing missing was my husband. I was thinking how fun it would have been for a date night.

Reader question: What’s the coolest, nicest, or most memorable sports venue you’ve ever seen?

7 thoughts on “Impromptu Pittsburgh Pirates Game”

  1. Diana, that is SO cool that you decided to go to a game!! Way to take advantage of traveling for work 🙂 I have always heard not-so-great things about Pittsburgh, but your pictures and blogs about the city make me want to visit!

  2. Sounds like a great night! I relish those sorts of nights when something good comes your way, unplanned. The city looks really nice at night too, especially getting to cross the river back to your hotel. Pretty.

    Best sport venue….. I guess seeing the San Diego Padres with our friends once was pretty fun. I really want to go see some American football when it heads to London this year!

  3. I was visiting a friend in Boston when the Red Sox won the world series in 2007! Didn’t go to any games but got a chance to take a tour of Fenway Park and went to the homecoming parade 🙂

  4. My own slice of heaven is across the state at the Phillies home, Citizens Bank Park. I always say the only thing they forgot was the hotel rooms, which I would gladly stay in if they existed. It’s a beautiful park with all of the green grass contrasting with the bright red and blue team colors everywhere. You can see downtown just over the outfield, and they usually win a “Best Ballpark Eats” award every year. As a veggie, I just love that they have TWO different seitan cheesesteak options, not to mention great veggie hot dogs and black bean burgers. At a ballpark? For real! Plus, you can not underestimate the opportunity to stare at Chase Utley for a few hours…..

  5. Hi… I came across your blog by chance when looking for adobo recipes. I looked at your Philly pics and they were great. I was wondering what kind of camera or lens were you using?

    • Thanks, Rob! I used a 50mm f/1.4 lens. It’s prime, so it made it a little challenging to take some photos, but I tried to focus on what I could capture without zooming in and out. Hope that helps!


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