Work to Play: Gap Pocket Tank Top & J. Crew Khakis {Outfit}

When I blogged under Shopaholics Anonymous (my old fashion blog, for any new guys), one of my favorite posts was when I styled one item in a couple different ways. I think this is because that’s one of my favorite features in fashion magazines. I’m not sure how often I’ll blog about that here on TCL because…let’s be real…some days, it’s a challenge to come up with one outfit for the day. But, I came up with an option for my Friday work outfit, so I thought I’d share.

The first outfit is what I actually wore to work on Friday. I’ve been wanting white pants to wear to work, and I scored these cropped, white khakis at the J. Crew sale at $29.99 plus an extra 30% off. I find skinny white jeans to be more fashionable, but the ones I have are super tight and definitely not office-friendly. Anywho, the khakis are very comfortable and great for the current heat and humidity (which is causing me to clip my hair back almost daily).

The second outfit is like something I’d wear to casually hang out with friends or run errands on a hot & sweaty North Carolina summer afternoon. Side note: One of my Facebook friends (hi Michele!) asked for a “running errands” outfit, so here you go! 🙂




{That’s right – a cheesy outfit photo. I think every time I do a fashion photo shoot, I realize I’ve reached new levels of ridiculousness.}









Outfit (details for both looks since there is some overlap):

  • skinny white khakis: J. Crew
  • blue pocket tank top: Gap
  • hot pink purse: Kate Spade
  • necklace: ASOS
  • bracelet: Wilson Leather
  • black sandals: Alexander Wang
  • black skinny belt: J. Crew
  • gray cardigan: J. Crew
  • brown/coral sandals: Madewell

Unfortunately, I had a minor incident with the black shoes in this post. I noticed when I was at the office that some weird black goo had smeared onto my feet. I quickly figured out the goo was rubbing onto my feet from the shoes. New shoe fail. Luckily, ShopBop has offered to let me return them. I am hesitating a bit because I really like the shoes, but the black goo is really messy, and I’m not sure I’m willing to live with it. What do you think? Keep or return?

4 thoughts on “Work to Play: Gap Pocket Tank Top & J. Crew Khakis {Outfit}”

  1. I had some expensive work heels that reacted with my feet. Turns out (when the tops of my feet blistered) that it was the formaldehyde in the glue in the lining. Worst case the doctor had ever seen. Returned the shoes and never had an issue again but I wouldn’t take a chance.

  2. Maybe get a replacement pair and see how they go? If the same goo appears send them back, but you may get lucky and the next pair be okay!

    I really like the idea of styling things two ways. I try merging my two wardrobes where I can, so the more you can do these kinds of posts, know I’ll appreciate the inspiration 🙂

    • They sold out everywhere online. Plus, I checked with Evangelie from Style Heroine, and she said she had the same problem. Guess it’s just the shoes!

      Glad you liked the “2 ways” post, Emily! 🙂


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