Bailey at the Beach {Video}

So, I watched a couple YouTube videos on iMovie and decided to attempt putting together a quick video with some clips I took on Saturday of our beach trip. I’ve been wanting to make a couple videos for awhile, but the whole process intimidated me. Well, I finally bit the bullet and put something together tonight. Is it great? Heck no! Will anyone watch it? Who knows. But, I’m sharing it here in case anyone does want to see it. (Sis, you reading?)

The video starts with some clips of the trip to Isle of Palms starting with the Cooper River Bridge. I love going over that bridge and looking up the cables. I also really like how the bridge to Isle of Palms lands you just a couple minutes from the beach. It’s like once you cross the bridge, you’re there. No driving for awhile longer figuring out how to get to the beach. Just keep straight, follow the curve, and park.

The clips of Bailey are pretty funny if you look closely. In the first part he does a cute shake-off with his little rear going last. Silly dogs. And in the second part, you can see his prissy side come out when he encounters a wave and tries to dodge it. He liked the beach, but not the waves.

So, next up? Maybe a food/recipe video? I definitely want to do more of my travels, and I have a couple clips from the Charleston trip that I may put together. We shall see.

Hope you all have a great week!

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