Hyman’s Seafood Restaurant {Charleston, SC}

We’re in Charleston for an early birthday celebration, and it’s been fabulous so far!

I must start by saying that there will be a lot of Charleston-related posts over the next couple days. If you’re here for the recipes or fashion posts, you may want to check back in a couple days. If you’re here for my life posts and photos of Bailey, then stay tuned – I have a lot of great content to share with you! I’m trying to consolidate my posts as much as possible, but you know how much I love to take photos! I’m also balancing things out by trying to not post too many photos in a single post. And with that…here’s the first blog post of our Charleston 2012 vacation…


The weather forecast wasn’t looking so good going into the weekend. It was supposed to rain every day. As promised, it was raining when we arrived. Luckily, the storms have been somewhat intermittent, so we’ve had some rain mixed with some sun. I’ll take it.


We slept in and took our time leaving town Friday morning, so we got into Charleston just in time for a late lunch. We decided to hit up Hyman’s Seafood for a quick bite.


The restaurant is super quirky with photos all over the walls, mostly of celebrities.


The restaurant was huge, but it has lots of smaller compartmentalized rooms, which I thought gave you a good sense of privacy. We sat at the table where Jodie Foster and Jasmine Guy once ate.


I loved the restaurant’s personality, as shown through their cards spread throughout the restaurant.


I sat right next to this weather stick. Apparently, when the weather is good, the stick points up. When the weather is bad, the stick points down.


Our window.




The menu. We stuck with the appetizers and soups.


{complimentary boiled peanuts}


{complimentary hush puppies}


These babies were good! I read on a pamphlet on the table that they’re made with corn meal, onions, sugar, and beer!


We shared a bowl of she crab soup, a Charleston staple. It was very rich and creamy with tender pieces of crab throughout.


We also shared some fried green tomatoes, which were pretty good.


We also shared the shrimp & pups appetizer with the shrimp fried. They were very good. I liked how the shrimp were lightly breaded. The cocktail sauce (served in a squeeze bottle) was delicious and great with the shrimp. If I had to pick one thing to get here again, it would be this.


We also took a moment to shop the general store on the way out. You pretty much have to go through here to get out, but we wanted to go anyways to get a t-shirt. I love collecting t-shirts from places I visit.

Reader question: What do you collect when you travel?

6 thoughts on “Hyman’s Seafood Restaurant {Charleston, SC}”

  1. Happy early birthday!

    I’m a longtime lurker of your blog, and I just wanted to say that I love love LOVE your travel entries! You seem to be so genuinely interested in and excited about every single place you visit. I’m looking forward to learning more about Charleston!

    P.S. That bowl of she crab soup looks insanely scrumptious!

    • Hi Carrie! Sorry for the delayed response, but thank you for your sweet comment. I really do enjoy getting into whichever city I’m visiting. I love exploring them, trying out their restaurants, and taking in as much of the culture as possible. Usually the restaurant exploration takes top priority. lol. Charleston is a great place to visit if you ever get the chance! Hope you liked the rest of the travel posts from this trip. 🙂

  2. Did you really enjoy Hyman’s? It’s known as a tourist trap around these parts. 🙂 I would recommend Jestine’s for your next trip if you’ve never been. It’s about a block over from King Street so easy access to shopping.

    • Hi Jen! I liked it for what it was, if that makes sense. 🙂 Sort of how I really like Kickin’ Chicken, even though it’s no Husk. 😉

      Thank you for the recommendation on Jestine’s. We’ll have to check that place out next time! Oh, and I just did a quick google search and found out that Anthony Bourdain went there when he did his SC visit. I’d eat anywhere Anthony has been. Now, I’m extra excited to try it out sometime!


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