The Best Caramel Apple {Charleston, SC}

After lunch, my sweet tooth was calling. I was a woman on a mission in search of a particular treat.


We headed to the market.


And straight to the Charleston Candy Kitchen.



Praline sample?


Yes, please!




There were lots of delicious-looking sweets, but I was only interested in one thing (for now at least).


The caramel apple. Not just any caramel apple. This is the treat of choice of Alex Guarnaschelli on The Best Thing I Ever Ate – the food on a stick episode.


Cue angels singing.


The apple was everything I’d hoped for. I like to get caramel/chocolate apples back home at the Rocky Mountain Candy Company, but I usually go for the options with lots of different toppings. This time, I went for the apple how Alex recommended it – straight up with just caramel. I could have eaten five of these in a row, it was so good. The apple (granny smith) was lovely, crisp, and tart. The caramel was soft, smooth, and sweet. I think this will now be a must-eat every time I come to Charleston.


We headed out and considered doing a carriage tour…until we saw the sky.


Instead, we did a quick run through the market…


…and headed back towards our hotel.

Next time – the best fish I’ve ever had!

6 thoughts on “The Best Caramel Apple {Charleston, SC}”

    • I still haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte! I actually haven’t been to Starbucks very much. I used to go once a week (Starbucks Monday!), but I guess I’ve finally kicked the habit. lol

  1. omg. i die. lol. i’m sorry. candy apple is one of my favorite desserts and omg – i didn’t know alex recommended this particular one. now i need to convince my husband that we need to drive down to charleston, sc just to try it. 🙂

  2. I like that they cut the caramel apple for you. When I was a kid, places only sold it whole (I’m aging myself here, LOL) so you ran the risk of removing teeth when you would bite into it. Yikes!

    All the food looks so yummy and tempting! As always Bailey is a cutie too!

    • It was definitely pretty easy to eat it sliced. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to eat a caramel apple whole. Maybe when I was a kid? Sliced seems like the way to go! lol

      Thanks! 🙂


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