Here’s the video I promised for the Yiasou Greek Festival I visited this past weekend. I took the video clips pretty quickly, and I didn’t capture all the areas of the festival, but it gives you an idea of what the festival was like. Also, I probably could have gotten better video with natural daylight, but I went pretty late. The video clips here were taken near closing, between about 9-10pm. If you go next year, it’s crazy busy (at pretty much all hours)! I actually kind of like going later in the evening when it’s slightly less busy.

I usually get a gyro at the back of the festival (not taped), but I’m thinking I’m going to head to that inside area next year and get a plate. You get all sorts of goodness with those – an entree and a couple sides. The hardest decision for me, at this festival, is always which dessert to get. You can only eat so much, right? The Loukoumades are amazing, but I love the pastries, too. Maybe I’ll get the Loukoumades there and get pastries to go next year? Oh wait, I did that this year. hehe

Anywho, here the video…One day, I’ll be better at this. 🙂

Music credits: “The Sunny Island (2005)” by Viktor Mastoridis is licensed under a Creative Commons License

If you like this song, Viktor also has more music on the above link to his name, as well as, on his YouTube page (click here)


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