Feathers and Bling

Glitter, jewels, feathers…you’ll see all of that at a dance performance.


We went to my sister’s dance performance this past weekend, and I was her official photographer. I took over 300 photos, but I just picked a couple to share with you guys.


Feathers – check! Bling – check!


My sister did a fabulous job, as I knew she would. She’s been dancing for a few (several?) years now, and I love watching her performances.






Here’s that Juicy Couture dress I scored for $34 at the Green Jeans Sale. I love it, and it’s so comfortable!


I have lots of eats photos to share with you guys, but I decided to put all of those in a separate post that I’ll share soon.


In random news, my sister and I stumbled upon this Les Mis flash mob video, and the songs totally got in my head again.

After also watching the 10 year anniversary cast online, I decided to purchase the 10 year cast recording, which is my favorite, mostly because I love Lea Salonga who plays Eponine. She is a talented singer, has done many Disney tracks, and is Filipina. Do you have a favorite Les Mis cast?

Have a great week, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Feathers and Bling”

  1. Wow, your sister is so talented! Y’all look like you had a fabulous time. Plus you look smokin’ in that dress! Love the heels too. 🙂

  2. 3rd pic blurry in the coral ish dress and 8th pic with the black jacket on!if you’ve got anymore i would love to see them and if it’s ok with you to pass them on to her!!!


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