Weekend Eats and Early Mother’s Day

Eating well has always been a high priority for my family. There’s sort of a long story behind that, but I’ll save that one for another time. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of expensive hobbies, we didn’t travel much, and we didn’t spend a lot on fancy cars or other randomness. We pretty much ate our money. It’s sort of what I do today (plus some clothes shopping). hehe

Basically, a visit to see my family means we’ll eat lots of delicious food.



Hubby and I worked on Friday, came home, packed up, and hit the road to visit family. Luckily for us, they cooked us dinner when we got there – teriyaki shrimp (I got the recipe to try out, and if it works okay, I’ll share it!), green beans (frozen from their garden last year), rice, and toast. Sis is on a big bread kick, and I love carbs anyways…there will be lots of bread this weekend!




My family is pretty traditional with their breakfasts – scrambled eggs, cheese on the side, dad’s famous potatoes, bacon, and (you guessed it) toast. Plus, coffee and OJ and all that good stuff.


After watching my sister’s dance performance, we took my mom out for an early Mother’s Day lunch. Her choice – PF Changs. But, her choice didn’t stop there.


{wonton soup}

We ordered her favorites and shared everything family-style


{Chicken lo mein}


{Shrimp with candied walnuts}

This one didn’t sound very appetizing, but it was surprisingly good. It had a sort of creamy sauce and was served with cantaloupe. Seriously weird, seriously good. I don’t know why it works, but it does.


{Mongolian beef}

This dish totally reminded me and my sister of the pu-pu platters we used to order when we were kids. Have you ever ordered one? It’s an appetizer medley that usually comes with a mini grill. I remember getting steak on sticks and cooking it over the flames. The beef in this dish tasted so much like that but better.


{Spicy green beans}

Ok this was a suggestion from us – mom is not a fan of spicy food.


We also ordered a couple desserts to share – sis’s choice – salted caramel chocolate mini cake…


….banana spring rolls with tropical ice cream.


Mom <3


Mom wanted to show me her garden. She has a lot growing for this time of year – lots of lettuce, kale, broccoli, and herbs. I’m excited to see how their summer garden shapes up, too. It makes me miss having a garden, but we’re trying to figure out where to start one up again in our backyard.


Since we had such a big lunch, we kept things light with dinner and just snacked on some light fare – olives, cornichons, baguette toasts, and brie.


I was the only one who wanted dessert, so I made an individual blueberry crisp (basically this recipe, just 100% blueberries). They’re not just for breakfast!




My sister made beautiful salads for our Sunday lunch using lettuce from the garden.


{Parmesan toasts}


{breaded chicken tenders, rice with a soy sauce drizzle, and more green beans}

Another great and delicious weekend of eats and QT with the family!

Btw, you guys are some serious Les Mis fans by this vote on Facebook! Thanks for chatting on Facebook and via blog comments. I love hearing from you!

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