My New Haircut and Tips on Going Short {Beauty}

So, I got my hair cut this weekend.


{If you’re new to the blog, my hair used to be much longer – like this}

I’ve been considering going short for awhile, but I finally worked up the guts to do so this past weekend.

Here are some tips if you’re thinking about going short with your hair:

  • Decide whole-heartedly: Doing a dramatic hair cut is not a permanent decision, but it’s going to take a really long time, depending on how fast (or not) your hair grows, for it to get back to where it was before the big chop. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair for over a year now, but I always waffled. I wanted to be 100% sure that I wanted to cut my hair before I did so.
  • Make an inspiration board/document: I found lots of examples of the hair cuts that got me excited for shorter hair. I made a Pinterest “Hair Chic” board with examples, and I also created a multi-page Microsoft Word document with lots of examples and angles that I showed to my stylist. When I felt unsure about cutting my hair (over the last year and especially the past month), I looked at the photos in my Pinterest board to see if I was still happy and excited about going shorter, and I was.
  • Know what you will and won’t do: Be honest with yourself and your stylist about how you plan to maintain your new cut. If you are a low-maintenance kind of gal, and you don’t like breaking out the curling iron or straightening tool every day, then please do not get a hair cut that will require that level of styling. Please…for your own good. You may be willing to take on this higher required level of effort, but if you’re not, you may want to reconsider that super cute photo you repined a couple days ago. Either way, make sure your new hair style will be something you can manage.
  • Know what you can and can’t do: A good stylist will cut your hair however you want, but they’ll at least tell you what they think will work best. They’re the hair expert, so listen to them. I’ve wanted super short hair, blond hair, and other things that simply won’t work for me. Sometimes you try these things against their opinion and you learn the hard way. Sometimes you realize just have to do *you*. Your stylist should help you understand your best looks and options. See next bullet.
  • Trust your stylist: I don’t recommend doing anything drastic with someone who is relatively new to styling you. They may be the best stylist in the world, but I think when you see someone for awhile, they get to know your hair personality, as well as, your personality. They’ll know what works for your hair type and what styles you’ll actually (be realistic!) be able to maintain on your own. I actually wanted to cut my hair a little shorter than what you see above. But, my stylist (Jason at Salon 42 – if you’re new, tell him I sent you, and we’ll both get a little discount) told me he didn’t think it would work with my hair texture. Good thing this is one of the photos I showed him. He said this would be a much better length for me. He also asked me how I’d style it. I consider myself fairly lazy with hair styling, which he knows. But, I’m planning on wearing this look mostly curly, which is pretty easy for me to do. Yay for easy hair styles! Jason also knows that I teach Zumba and like to get my hair out of my face, so he cut it so I can juuust get it into a mini pony tail. And it’s in a pony tail as I type. He knows me so well!
  • Consider the season: I like to either cut my hair or add highlights in the spring/summer, in general. We’re going to the beach soon, and I thought the shorter hair would be more manageable and less hot. Well, I’m hoping it will be less hot for the whole summer, not just vacay. Some people actually prefer to go short in the winter, but it’s really just up to you and what makes sense.
  • Consider donating: If your hair is long enough, you can consider donating it to Locks of Love. My hair wasn’t even close to the required length, but if you’re getting a lot cut off and you meet the requirements, it will go to a good cause. Click here to learn more about their donation process.
  • Consider transition hair: You may want to keep your hair short for awhile, but if you’re like me, you’re going to want to grow it out again. I’ve also been looking for and pinning photos of transition hair styles that I can work towards as my hair grows out. I feel like this gives me something to look forward to, as well as, inspiration for my future, longer hair.

Have you dramatically changed your hair? What tips do you have to share? Leave them in a comment!


In work news, I’m starting a new project tomorrow! Eep! Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “My New Haircut and Tips on Going Short {Beauty}”

  1. Your new cut looks great! The curls make it look really light and summery.

    I’ve gone the other way. At the moment, my hair is longer than it’s ever been since I was a kid.

  2. Hello!

    You look much better now. I think when you turn 30 (or more) you need to bet for a “clean” and shorter cut… Actually it usually makes you look younger.
    I went for one in January and cut like 9 inches (O.O!!). Maybe it was a bit too short at the beginning and I had to get ease with it but after a month I really felt my looked was more neat.
    I think you have made the best decision!!

    Cheers from Madrid!


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