Lake with the Fam

Rain streaming down through the trees, Southern humidity hanging thickly in the air. A wicker seat swings slowly back and forth. That was our first few minutes of down time at the lake.

We went on hubby’s family’s annual lake vacation last weekend through Tuesday. I could have stayed there all week. I mean, I wanted to stay there all week, but a 9-to-5-er only gets so many vacation days every year.


So, we tried to make the most of our short time there.


I met my new nephew.


Bailey met him, too.


He was so curious about the baby, and he kept going over to investigate and try to lick the baby’s toes. Silly corgi!


The 13 of us (us, my MIL, my BIL and his son, and my SIL and her family, plus 3 dogs) stayed in a big, beautiful house on the lake.


We played with the dogs…


…and generally lounged around.


At least, that’s what I did.


It was a great time for me to be lazy. So, I watched TV, watched movies, and spent almost the whole time in pajamas. Well, sweat pants, technically.


We watched Kung Fu Panda and Safety Not Guaranteed. We watched some HGTV, Food TV, and I even got the family to watch American Ninja Warrior on the last night of our trip because one of my friends was supposed to be on the show. His run didn’t actually make it to TV, which really surprised me because he almost made it through (read that on his Facebook later). They showed some people who didn’t make it past the first obstacle, so that bummed me out, but I’m sure he’ll try out again as soon as he can.

Anywho, I also got a little geeky and started the PHP course on, which was actually fun for me.


And there was time for books, too! I decided to try out reading on an iPad for the first time and downloaded the sample for The Lean Startup. I wasn’t sure if I’d like reading on the iPad, but it was actually pretty awesome.

I got back on track with reading the Fire Starter Sessions and even had a “dream funeral” (where I wrote down some dreams I need to let go and then burned the paper). A fire pit outside of the lake house made for a perfect reason to go ahead and do this. And as suggested, I wrote down some new dreams when I got back inside.


And it’s tradition for us to cook one of the meals for the trip. Since my SIL and her family are vegetarian, we decided to do chili again. I made my slow cooker 3 bean chili recipe, but I left the meat out. It was still really good!




We also brought some jalapeño cornbread from our local Great Harvest.





Hopefully next year, we’ll have more flexible schedules so we can stay the whole week! That’s my goal at least.

Thanks for reading!

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