Avoiding Fake Clarisonic Products Online

“Cancel that order on Amazon if you can.” My friend Sara texted me that the day after I posted on The Chic Life’s Facebook page that I had just ordered my first Clarisonic from the online retailer. I thought I had researched, but the Clarisonic I purchased only had 1 review, and it was positive. After texting more with Sara for additional info, I looked up a couple Clarisonic products on Amazon with 80+ reviews and wouldn’t you know it, there were multiple reviews saying the serial numbers weren’t legit. Some reviews said that when they contacted Clarisonic, they were told that Amazon.com wasn’t an authorized reseller while others claimed the products were actually fakes.

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What Clarisonic Said About Legit Authorized Dealers and Shopping Online

Luckily for me and thanks to Sara, I was able to cancel my order (phew!). But, I wanted to do some more research for you guys. So, rather than relying solely on reviews, I went straight to the source. I emailed Clarisonic inquiring about whether or not the reviews were true.

Here’s what they replied with (very promptly, may I add):


Thank you for your inquiry. eBay and amazon.com are not authorized dealers; therefore purchases made from these sites are not eligible for money back refunds and in some cases, warranty replacements. Here is a link to our blog that lists all of our authorized dealers: http://blog.clarisonic.com/2012/12/26/clarisonic-international-shopping/

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.



Clarisonic Customer Care

So, online buyers beware. Please be sure to go check the Clarisonic list of authorized dealers (click here to visit) if you’re shopping for a new Clarisonic product (online or in-person).


Nordstrom currently has some Clarisonic (I think some as part of their anniversary sale) packages that have general discounts or special colors. I ended up ordering the ‘PLUS Dahlia’ Clarisonic package, but my friend Dion also tipped me off that skinstore.com (which was on the Clarisonic list when I checked yesterday) often has 20% off coupons! Woohoo!

So, you can save money on your Clarisonic, just be careful that you purchase from an authorized retailer. Happy shopping!

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10 thoughts on “Avoiding Fake Clarisonic Products Online”

  1. I love my Clarisonic and I too nearly fell into the trap of buying slightly cheaper, it was only by accident that I found out there were fake products on the market when I read an unrelated review that mentioned that these sort of products were being faked. I am so glad I did!

  2. Diana, this is fascinating! It all makes sense now why you wanted to buy from Nordstrom! Are you loving it? It gets addicting πŸ™‚ XO!

  3. I got mine on ebay. Is it possible that what i got is a legit one? When i was able to register the clarisonic on their website. Thanks you

  4. I also just bought one off ebay. I found a blog and she listed the differences between the real are fake and so far what I can tell it’s real so I’m going to try to register it for my son and see what happens, if I have a problem I’m going to return it as I have 13 days left to return.

  5. Warning — the ability to register your Clarisonic does NOT guarantee that the device is authentic!

    My mom gave me a Clarisonic Mia (purchased on Amazon.com) for Christmas 2012, and the device suddenly stopped working in late September. I finally got around to calling Clarisonic customer service today only to be informed that the serial number on the unit was not a match for an authentic product. The device was also completely rusted out underneath the brush head – genuine Clarisonic products are rustproof, according to the customer service representative. The CSR informed me that my unit was counterfeit amd that fake Clarisonic products are a major problem on Amazon and eBay. She instructed me to contact Amazon directly for a refund. I asked the CSR why I had been able to register the counterfeit Mia on their website, and she admitted that there had been a flaw in their system which allowed for registration of counterfeit products, but that the problem has “been corrected.” Fortunately, Amazon immediately agreed to refund my mom’s money and we will be reordering from an authorized retailer.

  6. I recently learned that Ebay is NOT a place to go when considering Clarisonic. To save anyone else from a nightmare, never purchase from seller *anastasiya2010*. Of course, purchasing from an authorized retailer is really the only way to buy with confidence. But if you’re curious enough to browse Ebay, avoid sellers that refuse to photograph the model number or the logo on the back of the brush.


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