Give Up On Giving Up

In case you need a little encouragement today… Give Up On Giving Up Quote

I shared this on Instagram today:

It’s funny how you see the things you need to see in the most random places. I’m literally having one of those days where nothing feels like it’s going right. And then I step out for lunch today and notice the shirt of a girl passing me on the street. It says: Give Up On Giving Up. A good reminder to keep going. A reminder that while things will not be smooth the whole way, the important thing is to keep going. I thought I’d share this in case anyone else could use some encouragement. Feel free to tag a friend or share this graphic with someone. ❤️

Give Up On Giving Up
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I have a few Target shirts, and this one reminded me of them. Sure enough, I found the shirt at

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Remember to stay positive and keep going.

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