Planner Decorations June 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

Planner kits, florals, and a Big Apple theme. Read on for my June 2016 Planner Decorations and planning approach tips.

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Note: all supplies listed below are available on Etsy unless otherwise noted.

Planner Decorations June 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

Planner Decorations June 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

My planning approach didn’t change much in June for the weekly spreads. So, I’m focusing on a couple monthly layout tips this time around and keeping the weekly ones short and sweet.

Monthly Planner Decorations June 2016

Planner Decorations June 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

Monthly Layout: Durations

The above monthly layout shows how I typically begin the spread and also show items of duration:

  • First, I block off the boxes for other months with washi tape. See the top left and lower right areas. I find the other month’s numbers can be somewhat distracting. Plus, this is a good way to add colorful washi and brighten up the planner. Especially if you don’t like covering up the upper header section with other stickers and washi tape.
  • I like to do durations next. These are noted by the turquoise striped washi in this layout. These are much harder to add once you start layering in icons, quarter boxes, and other stickers to note specific items. So, I do them near the start.
  • Durations represent many different things for me: periods of travel, special events (lasting more than one day), when someone is visiting, etc. Literally anything that doesn’t take place on one day.
  • I find these very helpful for tracking time and managing travel and events.

Planner Decorations Used:

  • Turquoise pattern washi is Scotch, purchased at Target.
  • I *think* the striped washi is from Target too, but I don’t track washi as closely as stickers.
  • The floral and skinny yellow washi are available from seller pikwahchan on Etsy.

Weekly Planner Decorations June 2016

Week of June 1-5

Planner Decorations June 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

Planner Decorations Used:

  • Sticker kit, TVs by Sticker Bloom
  • Workout, weekend banner, To Do banner, and round stickers by It’s Planning Time

Week of June 6-12

Planner Decorations June 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

My big apple theme! I found this cool washi tape (along with 3 other variations) on Etsy with my favorite washi tape shop.

Planner Decorations Used:

  • NYC washi tape purchased via Pikwahchan
  • NYC sticky notes purchased at Papyrus
  • To Do boxes by It’s Planning Time
  • Alarm clock by Sweet Kawaii Designs
  • Lower left half box, washi tape sticker by Oh Hey Sticker Co
  • Quarter boxes with rounded corners by Planning Made Easy
  • Car half box by Soda Pop Studio
  • Weekend banner by Scribble Prints Co
  • Sarcastic box by Planner Penny

Week of June 20-26

Planner Decorations June 2016 (Erin Condren Vertical)

Planner Decorations Used:

  • Sticker kit by Obsessed with Cute
  • To Do box by It’s Planning Time
  • Pink and yellow half boxes, food quarter box by Planner Chick
  • Britney, quarter box with patterned edge, lipstick box by Oh Hey Sticker Co
  • TV stickers by Sticker Bloom
  • Weekend banner by Scribble Prints Co

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