New Year’s Day Eats and 2017 Quote

Hello friends! I hope your 2017 is off to a great start.

I had a great flight to NYC. It was nice and smooth and we landed safely.

New Year’s Day Eats

New Year's Day Eats and 2017 Quote

I had lunch at the airport before my flight, so I only had to worry about cooking dinner today. I started with a baguette with some delicious Fromager d’Affinois and a small serving of green olives. I snacked on these while I unpacked and got organized.

Have you tried this cheese before? It’s like brie but better. Well, if you like a really soft, buttery, smooth cheese.

New Year's Day Eats and 2017 Quote

I recently discovered this lovely malbec by Carmelle (2014). I sampled it at a local wine shop and liked it so much, I bought two bottles that night. It went really well with dinner.

New Year's Day Eats and 2017 Quote

For the main event, I did a pan-seared filet with some of my Asian collards and some quick black eyed peas. I think I still owe you the recipe for the latter.

New Year's Day Eats and 2017 Quote

For dessert, I had half of this Opera cake. The blingy gold topping made for a festive dessert to celebrate the first day of the year.

Quote for 2017

New Year's Day Eats and 2017 Quote

The devil whispered in my ear, “you’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.”

Today I whispered in the devil’s ear, “I am the storm.”

Also, this quote sums up how I feel about 2017. Here we go!

Happy New Year!


Did you eat something special for the new year?

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