What Are You Willing to Fight For?

Hi friends! I shared one of these photos on Instagram with the below caption and wanted to re-share it here in case you missed it. What I want to know is…what are you willing to fight for? For me, it’s my fitness. Bet you didn’t know that after I was injured, I couldn’t even bend over. I was too embarrassed to tell you. But, I want to open up for those of you struggling. You’re not alone. Challenges are part of life. It’s how you tackle it that matters most. Avoiding them is impossible. Stay positive and focused on your end goals. I’m sharing a mini story about my injury recovery below.

Fighting for My Fitness

I shared the following on Instagram recently…

What are you willing to fight for? I’ve climbed my way back fitness-wise over the last year. 💪In February 2017 I hurt my back. I went from doing a variety of intense workouts to not being allowed to do a squat or lunge. Group fitness classes (including dance!) were off limits. 😢 I couldn’t even bend over! 😧

After 3 months of physical therapy doing mostly clam shells and TA activations 😑, I worked my way up to this basic routine (fiiinally adding leg exercises back to my routine):

Wednesday April 26, 2017
-10 minutes cardio on bike (low seat)
-5 wall squats (1 @ 30s, 4 @ 45s)
-Lunges holding onto TRX bands for balance 2 sets of 12
-Sitting on pilates ball feet lifts (3 sets of 15)

ONE YEAR LATER…my workouts look like this…

Friday, May 11, 2018
8 mins bike warm up, 1 min cool down
3 sets:
– 15 squats to toes followed immediately by 15 pulses
– feet on ball – roll out and in x 12
– 1 leg lift / bridge x 12
– balance handstands x 5
3 sets:
– 20 calf raises on stairs
– kneeling straight leg lifts with glute squeeze at top x 10
– side plank with leg lift x 10 (both sides)
1 1.5 minute plank with 30 held, 30 seconds heel raises and 30 seconds sway
Stretching •
The good things in life don’t always come easy. Sometimes you have to fight for them! ⚡️

Top by @phatbuddhawear, pants by @y7studio shoes by @vans


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I have a follow-up post on something that really helped me with my recovery. If you’re struggling with something, stay tuned! I have a project for you.

Thank you so much for reading!

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