Happy Planner 2019 and Planner Supplies Haul

Hi friends! So, I’ve decided to try out another new type of planner. Well, it’s not “new”, but it is new-to-me! It’s The Happy Planner! I keep seeing videos about this planner on YouTube, and I thought it would be fun to experiment. Also, now that I have multiple planners, I thought I’d try this option out. It seems to be more affordable than the EC LifePlanner. But let’s see!

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*VIDEO* Sharing My Happy Planner 2019 & Planner Supplies Haul

Click here to view the video if the above player doesn’t work.

HUGE Happy Planner & Supplies Haul

Click to watch a video and read about this HUGE haul I did to get a new Happy Planner and some fun planner supplies to take my planner to the next level. You'll love seeing these cute planner supplies. #planner #planning #plannerideas #plannersupplies #happyplanner #mambi

So the big item in this haul is the new planner! I’m going to be testing out The Happy Planner in the Classic (which I believe is “Medium”) size.

To test this out properly and also because I’ve been wanting to get new supplies for forever, I also got a bunch of other stuff.

You guys, shopping for things in big cities (NYC and now San Francisco) is SO hard when you don’t have a car. You practically have to be able to carry everything around by yourself. In the Carolinas, you just pop it into the trunk. Now, it’s a whole ordeal. Taking public transportation or paying for expensive ride shares. Needless to say, I tried to stock up in hopes of not having to return soon.

Click to watch a video and read about this HUGE haul I did to get a new Happy Planner and some fun planner supplies to take my planner to the next level. You'll love seeing these cute planner supplies. #planner #planning #plannerideas #plannersupplies #happyplanner #mambi

And I noted this in the video but want to say it again, if you’re just getting started planning, by no means do you NEED all of these supplies to use your planner. You literally just need a pen. After that, it’s all for fun. If you’re anything like me, you love craft supplies and will probably buy too much anyways. But you may use it for other projects like scrapbooking, etc. Do whatever makes you happy.

So this is my first Happy Planner ever, and it’s a 2019 planner. But I’m hoping to start getting it set up and testing out decorations soon. Stay tuned here on the blog and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications when I have new planner posts and videos up.

Planner Supplies Shopping Links

I prefer shopping at Michael’s in person and Amazon online. So I’ve linked Amazon links here. But, I do think you can get some great deals if you shop Michael’s. Be sure to pull up their coupons on their web site before you check out at the store!

Fiskar’s Paper Trimmer
Happy Planner Sticker Book – Work It Out
Happy Planner Sticker Book – Choose Happy (similar to book featured in video)
Happy Planner Sticker Book – Planner Basics (not in video, but I thought you may like it – especially if you’re new to planning)
Happy Planner Classic 2018-2019 (similar to planner featured in video)
Happy Planner Budget Extension Pack
Elmer’s Repositionable Glue Stick
Tombow Repositionable Tape Runner
My Go-To Color pen set
My Main Planner – Erin Condren LifePlanner
(I couldn’t find the scrapbook paper online, guys. Sorry!)

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Thanks for reading about this Happy Planner 2019 and Planner Supplies Haul. Hope you liked it! Cheers!

Click for my Happy Planner 2019 haul - what I bought including accessories. Plus there's a video with a planner flip through! Time to get organized in 2019 #planner #happyplanner #thehappyplanner #plannerhaul

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