What You Settle For Is What You’ll Live

Hi friends, I’ve been thinking a lot about settling. It’s been on my mind. Why we settle. How we settle. For how long? So this thought came to me, and I had to share it with you…

What You Settle for Is What You'll Live. Click for inspiration to start living your dream life!

Sometimes, it’s not about what you’re going for, it’s about what you’re giving up on. If you want to live the life of your dreams, think about this…⁣

What are you settling for? ⁣

Where do you find yourself disappointed but also thinking, “eh, I guess this will do.”⁣

Because – what you settle for is what what you’ll live. ✨⁣

We talk a lot about going big. ⁣

But what about the other stuff happening when you’re focused on being a goal digger?⁣

I’m talking about the stuff happening in the background while you’re working on your big dreams.⁣

(Or too busy with life to get those dreams going)⁣

The little things adding up and dragging you down or holding you back. ⁣

Let’s think about those things too. ⁣

So next time you feel yourself disappointed, whether it’s something big or small, ask yourself if you really want to settle. ⁣

Or if you want more. ⁣

Wanting more is okay. And staying true to you is how you live life on your terms. 🙌⁣

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