How To Practice Gratitude When You’re Too Busy | 5 Ways That Won’t Conflict with Your Busy Schedule

Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the high vibe benefits you get by practicing gratitude. One of the biggest barriers I’ve seen people encounter when they want to take up a gratitude practice is that they don’t have time. The thing is, whilst sometimes I do enjoy doing a good gratitude journaling session, you don’t HAVE to spend a long time to practice gratitude. So, in this post and video, I’m sharing How To Practice Gratitude When You’re Too Busy | 5 Ways That Won’t Conflict with Your Busy Schedule.

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Practice Gratitude When You’re Too Busy

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You can do these quick gratitude practice techniques when you have little to no free time. You’d be surprised what pocks of time are great for tapping into the energy of appreciation. Let’s talk about them…

#1 In bed

When you first wake up, there’s a good chance that you lay there for a short bit. Maybe a long bit. And this time when your day is JUST beginning is not only useful “free time” but also a powerful time of day to practice gratitude.

While you’re slowly opening your eyes, stretching, etc. Or maybe even when you’ve literally just woken up, use this time to focus on one thing you’re grateful for. Choose it, think about how it graces your life, feel into the energy of appreciation, and enjoy.

Starting the day with gratitude is sure to get your day off on the right foot!

#2 In the shower

When you’re in the shower, you’re pretty much stuck there. Sure, you may normally listen to music, podcasts, etc. But once in awhile, enjoy with no sound.

Let this be a time to practice mindfulness and just enjoy the moment – the sounds, smells, and feelings. And in this moment, choose one thing to be grateful for.

I’m not sure why, but when I do my “shower gratitude”, I usually just feel so darn lucky and happy to be alive, simple as that. To have a warm shower to enjoy and a roof over my head. There’s something about this simple act that has my thoughts grounded in simple gratitude. And I love it. Sometimes I really, REALLY feel into the feelings of how amazing and what a gift it is to have this current life, with all it’s beautiful imperfections.

#3 Whilst Waiting

When you’re waiting for something (maybe your coffee order to be ready), you’re often stuck with a couple short minutes with not much to do. Instead of scrolling on Instagram, use this time to choose one thing to be grateful for and feel into that energy of appreciation.

Maybe now is a good time to pop open your gratitude app and add one (or a few) things to be grateful for today.

#4 Walking gratitude

I love using walking time to multi-task, whether it’s catching up on my audiobooks or podcasts. However, in recent years, I’ve also used my walking time for letting my mind wander. For silence and downtime in what’s usually a hectic and busy day.

As part of that silence, I often enjoy using this time for what I call “walking gratitude.” Sometimes, it’s really nice to just take in what you’re seeing around and be grateful for those things. You can appreciate nature’s beauty, the way the sun is shining through the clouds juuust so, and more!

You can alternatively use this time to just think about whatever comes up when you’re ideating on things to be grateful for. You’d be surprised how wonderfully your mind works when you take a break from the busy and let it focus on good things.

#5 Spontaneously

One of my favorite ways to practice gratitude is what I call “Spontaneous Gratitude.” This is basically something I’ll do for usually a whole day. As the day goes forward, I’ll practice gratitude for any awesome thing that pops up, and I’ll usually add “Thank you, Universe” to it:

  • “Wow, the crosswalk changed just as I was approaching! Thank you, Universe!”
  • “Thank you, Universe, for leaving me the last parking space in my office parking lot!”
  • “Thank you, Universe, for the free coffee I got this morning!”
  • “So happy to have one of my friends surprise me in my Zumba class today! Thank you, Universe”

(Feel free to replace “Universe” with whatever speaks to you)

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Practicing gratitude doesn’t have to take a long time. Sure, you can let yourself get really into it – that can be a lot of fun, actually! But if you’re pressed for time, don’t let lack of free time be an excuse to miss out on the amazing benefits of gratitude!

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Thank you for stopping by and reading and watching How To Practice Gratitude When You’re Too Busy | 5 Ways That Won’t Conflict with Your Busy Schedule. Hope this encourages you to take up this life-changing success habit!

Which one was your favorite? Did you try any? Let me know how it goes by commenting below!

Busy? Here are 5 quick and easy ways to practice gratitude that won't conflict with your schedule. #5 is my favorite! #lawofattraction #loa #manifestation #manifest #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #woowoo #changeyourlife  #goodvibes #highvibes #spirituality #theuniverse

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