How To Start a Gratitude Practice Plus 6 Easy and Fun Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily

Want to bring abundance and flow into your life with ease? This is literally the EASIEST way to do all of this and more, and I’m honestly shocked more people don’t do this. What’s this big secret? Practicing gratitude! Let’s talk about how to start a gratitude practice plus 6 easy and fun ways to practice gratitude daily.

*VIDEO* How and Why to Do Gratitude Plus Six Ways to Do It

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Why Practice Gratitude


Practicing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to raise your frequency and get into high vibe energy.

The Universe loves a grateful heart!

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In additional to raising your vibes which naturally helps you cope with difficult times, practicing gratitude can help you find good things during dark times. This makes getting through easier, helps you gain perspective, and lets you enjoy goodness during your life challenges.

Personally, I used gratitude as a key habit for my successful divorce recovery. It helped me not hermit in NYC when I may have been more inclined to go from my place to work back to my place without going anywhere else. Ever.


(Read below for 6 easy and fun ways to practice gratitude)

There are 2 key things to making practicing gratitude successful:

  • Daily: Make it a daily habit
  • Feeling: Allow yourself to feel into the feeling of gratitude – this is what really gets the energy going
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Gratitude Practice Basics

What to Be Grateful For

You don’t get brownie points for being grateful for elaborate things. So whether you stay simple or get complex, either is good as long as you’re truly grateful and in appreciation of whatever it is you have in mind.

When I’m in tough times, sometimes I’m grateful for simple things like:

  • being alive
  • coffee
  • my dog

How Many Grateful Things Per Day

The daily habit is more important than the number of things you’re grateful for per day. So one is great. The more the merrier, so if you are flowing with appreciation, then by all means, lean into it.

Start small: go for one a day

Add more as bonuses than baseline.

Time of Day

In my opinion, the best time of day to practice gratitude is first thing / in the morning. This is because it starts your day off on a positive note, in high vibes, and thinking with an abundance mindset. With all this goodness on your mind, it helps you have the best, high vibe day possible!

Of course, if you’d feel the energy of appreciation more later in the day, you do you.

6 Easy and Fun Ways to Practice Gratitude Daily

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There’s no right or wrong way to practice good. But these are my favorite options. Feel free to Be a Gratitude DJ and mix and match the ways you practice gratitude. With all of these, do keep the above success habits in mind about keeping this a daily practice and feeling into your practice.

Be a Gratitude DJ and mix and match the ways you practice gratitude


Say out loud (or in your mind) something you’re grateful for.

Live with someone? Feel free to go into another space in your home so they don’t think you’re crazy. Or who knows? Maybe say it out loud and inspire them to practice gratitude too?


This is my favorite for being grateful for being alive. Allow the water to fall on you and get present.

I like to say, “Thank you Universe (or God or however you want to direct your gratitude) for my life and this opportunity.”

But you can be grateful for anything, though. Something about that hot water helps me really focus and feel my appreciation in the moment.

Bonus Mindfulness Add-On: I also like to take this time to practice mindfulness and being present by noticing the feeling of the water on my skin, the temperature in the room, etc.


Okay, this one is super fun, and I LOVE doing it!

As random, awesome things happen throughout the day, practice spontaneous gratitude.

For example: If the crosswalk changes as you approach so you don’t have to wait, say, “Thank you, Universe!”

And as each wonderful little thing happens, you can simply say “Thank you!” to acknowledge it.

This gets my good energy momentum going fast, and I find the more I do this, the more great things happen as the day continues.


You can write down what you’re grateful for each day in a journal. You can either use a blank journal or a paper journal that is designed for gratitude specifically.

For blank journals, I like to write down the day and “Grateful” or something similar at the top of the section for each day. (Make a section, as needed)


You can dedicate a daily box for your daily gratitude practice. You can write “Grateful”, etc in or you can get custom stickers on Etsy.

I like the daily boxes, but you could also use a monthly layout.

Remember to do one per day!

Phone App

This is my favorite! I like to use the 5 Minute Journal app. There are many sections in this app, so just ignore those for now so you can focus on your gratitude practice distraction-free and without feeling like you need to do additional documentation that may overwhelm you.

Bonus Happy Photos: I LOVE adding a photo per day. When I’m sad/down later, sometimes I’ll scroll through my app to look at all my awesome memories. This will help lift my vibe by helping me remember good times.

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Thanks for reading and watching this post about starting a gratitude practice. Hope you enjoy these 6 easy ways to do your gratitude on the daily!

What’s your favorite way to practice gratitude?

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