• Dr. Oz The Good Life Feature: Healthy Quiche

    Here’s a little bit of fun news to share with you. One of my healthy quiche recipes was recently featured on Dr. Oz The Good Life in a round-up of 13 Healthy Quiche Recipes That Will Make You Want to Eat Breakfast for Every Meal. Dr. Oz The Good Life featured my Easy Brussels Sprouts […]


  • Women’s Health Mag Pumpkin Feature

    So, I’ve had many Press and Media features over the last several years, many of which I didn’t share with you guys. I’d like to fix that by sharing them now. Not all at once. Just here and there. Since it’s the best time of the year for eating pumpkin, let’s start with this feature […]


  • Schmackary’s Buzz

    Shout out to Schmackary’s for featuring my recap on their delicious cookies on their Press page. It’s always an honor to be featured on the Press page of another business. Especially when it’s one you love and frequent. Thank you, Schmackary’s! See you soon!