• Greetings from HLS

    Greetings from breakfast at HLS. I got some yummy oatmeal with brown sugar, fresh berries and almond butter. Plus more fresh fruit on the side. I got some of the last of the almond butter…it was really yummy Maranatha. I heard they have it at Costco. 😉 Good thing we just got a membership there. […]


  • OpenSky Par-Tay!

    Headed out with my roomies (in the photo – Meg, me, Sarah, Allie), JT and new friend Erin for a night on the town thanks to OpenSky who hosted an HLS cocktail party. We all piled into one cab and headed to the par-tay. The location was super cool. We got straight down to business […]


  • RAW Sampling + Par-tay

    Hazzah! I found my roomes: Sarah, Allie, and Meg. Then we rounded up the troops for a little dinner I organized at a local restaurant called RAW. We had a fair walk, but we didn’t take public transportation. This is the Healthy Living Summit afterall! Hi Meghann! Before we knew it, we were there! RAW […]