Corgi Kisses


So fun to hear about all you pet lovers and your bed-loving fur-friends!


I woke up early for a special cooking experiment. Any guesses what I made for breakfast today?


Here’s a clue…

…but I’ll be posting the recipe tomorrow so guess fast!




It seems like all my friends are getting sick right now. I like to be proactive whenever possible when sick season comes around, so soup seemed like a good idea. I decided to go with some Muir Glen Chicken Noodle.


I spruced it up with some fresh parsley from my garden and had some Great harvest toast on the side (with a dab of real butter)


Lunch #2 was a giant spinach salad with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes from the garden, sunflower seeds and a balsamic dressing.


Post work, it was time to teach zumba again. Since I subbed for my friend, I ended up teaching 3 days in a row this week! Phew am I tired!? I had some really spectacular classes this week, though, so I was loving all the ZUUUUUMBA! :)


Hubby was in charge of dinner since I was teaching zumba tonight.


For our veg, hubby started with an appetizer of edamame.


For the main event, he made spaghetti with meat sauce.

Lovely, simple dinner.


Bailey’s been so loving since we got back.

Ok, so he’s always like this. He’s a lover, not a fighter. :lol:



I posted some new photos from my wedding (yea, the wedding was back in 2008, but I have so many photos, I could share for a looong time). Click here to check them out.

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Do you let your pet kiss you? I like it when Bailey kisses my cheeks or my chin but not so much on the lips. Ew. lol :mrgreen:

Bahamas: Then and Now


I love look-backs. If only I were a video guru, I’d do some crazy video like the time-trick videos they did in Titanic…those were so cool.

When hubby and I were in the Bahamas last week, I couldn’t help but be reminded of scenes from our wedding in 2008 as we passed familiar places. Here are some of my favorite then and now photos from our wedding in 2008 to our Bahamas vacation in 2010:

NOTE: 2008 photos are by my wedding photographer and 2010 by me or hubby

2008 couples photoshoot:


2010 photos on my spa day:



2008 couples photoshoot:


2010 another trip to the beach (and yes, I’m wearing the same skirt from our wedding couple photoshoot on vacay):



2008 couples photoshoot:


2010 just wandering around:



2008 bridal photoshoot:


2010 just arriving on the island:



2008 couples photoshoot:


2010 playing around:



2008 bridal photo shoot:


2010 leaving the pool area:



2008 getting ready on my wedding day:


2010 blogging from the balcony:



2008 the boys before the wedding:


2010 wandering around the hotel:



2008 our reception dinner:


2010 the restaurant that hosted our reception is now closed *very sad face*:



2008 our reception:


2010 the martini bar is now empty and unkept:



2008 the patio where we our first dance:


2010 now also empty and waiting for someone to re-open our reception restaurant (I’m crossing my fingers it’s reopened by the time we go back):



2008 a walk on the beach:


2010 the beach near sunset – our last beach trip of our 2010 vacation:


…and they lived happily ever after.

Summer to Fall


Going straight from the tropical, summery Bahamas to cool, fall-weather North Carolina has been almost a shock to the system. One minute I’m sipping coconut daquiris on the beach, the next minute, I’m eating pumpkin oatmeal in a sweater. C’est la vie.


Since I’m now in full-fall mode, I started today with pumpkin spice brewed coffee…


…and since you guys know I’m like a 5 year old at Christmas with new stuff, I busted out my new Bahamian starfish bowl for some pumpkin oats.


Hello delicious oats! This batch was made with rolled oats, hemp milk, canned organic pumpkin, pepitas, and maple syrup.


I wore my boots for the first time this season (ok, first time with the exception of my Lady Gaga concert get-up).


I packed up a large salad for lunch today (last night), but didn’t have anything to go with it.


So, I scored some rice and beans for only $2 at a local burrito shop.

IMG_4494.jpg IMG_4499.jpg

I was really excited to try this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip protein bar from a local eatery, but I wasn’t a fan. I love their other flavors to pieces, but this one had RAISINS in it. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I don’t care much for raisins or that I totally didn’t expect raisins to be in a PB-Chocolate-Chip flavored bar, but it was not my cup of tea. I’ll stick with the blueberry or banana flavors next time because those are scrumptious.


Post-work, I taught ZUMBA! I subbed a class for my friend Alicia (yes, the one I randomly ran into in the Bahamas!) since she was still out of town

We had a really, really FUN class! I hope tomorrow’s is just as good. The playlist was kicking and the class was really moving great tonight!

Fave songs of the playlist:

  • The Power
  • Everything I Can’t Have
  • She’s Hotter
  • Hello Good Morning
  • Krazy (an old-school song I’m trying to revive in class)

Speaking of songs…

I CANNOT get Lady Gaga’s Speechless song out of my head! I’ve found myself singing it non-stop for about the last 48 hours. Whoa. Check out the video above – it’s sooo good live!

I would really like to try singing this at karaoke…if I could just muster up the courage.


Anywho, hubby had dinner ready when I got home – breaded halibut, garden medley rice and steamed broccoli.


Plus we split a Great Harvest cinnamon roll for dessert. Soo ooey-gooey and yummy!

And speaking of sweets, I’ve had TONS of birthday dessert but ZERO official birthday cake. I think this is pretty tragic and needs to be remedied immediately. Or at least ASAP. Anyone want to bake me a cake? ;)


Btw, the Bahamas were beautiful, but something was missing…

IMG_4671.jpg IMG_4672.jpg IMG_4673.jpg

Bailey! That’s our little cuddle-monster. :)


This little guy may have missed us, but he also missed our BED! He’s been getting pretty cozy there a lot lately. Spoiled little guy.

Do you let your pet sleep on the bed?

Bringing the Bahamas Home


On the last morning of our Bahamas vacay, I was totally not ready to go. I could spend several weeks there no problemo.

But since we were leaving, I had one last stop to make:


The Port Lucaya Marketplace – straw booths.


I didn’t have long to look so I whizzed through the booths, which is pretty hard since most of the ladies manning the booths are such good salesmen and like to get really chatty.


Of course, chatty = deals and many were offering “first customer of the day” discounts.


My inner hippie wanted to collect an armload or two of gorgeous, colorful, gauzy dresses to bring home and wear all the time, but the adult in me managed to keep my goal at finding one dress to take home. Not to mention I wanted to spend only $20.

I was rushing a bit since we had a plane to catch, and I don’t like shopping when I’m rushing, but I think I found a pretty fab take-home:


Oddly enough, I ended up bringing home a size that is 2 or 3 sizes larger than what I normally wear…the sizes seemed to be pretty variable no matter the tag and the size I brought home was actually a better fit than the one that was smaller. Tags don’t mean anything, right? I’m gonna go with “size=healthy“. :)

I did a wee bit of shopping earlier on the trip and also found some fun stuff to take home:


Consumable stuff: bath salts, blackened spice (to re-create that amazing mahi mahi) and Caribbean coconut tea (because I’m not officially obsessed with all things coconut thanks to the Bahamas lol). I love souvenirs you can use or eat – they seem to cause a lot less clutter.


New, handmade in the Bahamas plateware!


A new oatmeal/cereal/yogurt bowl.


And how cute is this little starfish plate?

There were some really cool other home-goods items I wanted to get but we were trying to not spend more money and had no space left in our luggage: a basket, some salt and pepper shakers, a chess set. I have an idea that it would be really cool to have some Bahamian things to use at the dinner table (or house in general) when we’re entertaining.

I may have also picked up a couple things for Christmas…which I can’t blog since people might see it!


I definitely got some “thank you” gifts for my sis for taking such good care of Bailey while we were gone.


Tea in the Passion Fruit flavor since she’s a big tea fan, too… plus a new Grand Bahamas hat.

What souvenirs do you like to take home from vacations?

Calm in Lucaya


IMG_4508 (640x427)

After our adventurous morning, hubby and I took one last trip of our vacay to the beach. It was pretty much empty once the cruise left.

IMG_4505 (640x427)

IMG_4504 (640x427)

We had the beach to ourselves…plus 2 other couples.

IMG_4518 (640x427)

I didn’t get in the water all the way…just a dip of my feet.

IMG_4525 (640x427) IMG_4527 (640x427) IMG_4533 (640x427)IMG_4536 (640x427)

Hubby went all the way in though.

IMG_4544 (640x427) IMG_4546 (427x640) IMG_4549 (640x427)

We also got one more coconut drink for the road. A coconut daquiri for each of us.

IMG_4554 (640x427)

The sunset on the Lucaya market was so pretty.

IMG_4557 (640x427) IMG_4560 (640x427)

The marina was calm.

IMG_4561 (640x427)

Hubby and I decided to do our last meal of the trip at la dolce vita.IMG_4567 (640x427)

One last dinner to enjoy the Bahamian breeze and good eats…until we come back of course.

IMG_4569 (640x427)

Our view.

IMG_4572 (640x427)

I got a pain killer to drink.

IMG_4579 (640x427)

Hubby and I ordered a couple apps and one entree – mozzarella caprese.

IMG_4581 (640x427)

Caribbean shrimp.

IMG_4590 (640x427)

Crab tagliolini. (they make their own pasta here!)

IMG_4595 (640x427)

And bread pudding for dessert.

Everything was delicious and service was excellent!

Hubby and I were sad to be packing up from this trip, but we know we’ll be back soon!

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