Summer to Fall

Going straight from the tropical, summery Bahamas to cool, fall-weather North Carolina has been almost a shock to the system. One minute I’m sipping coconut daquiris on the beach, the next minute, I’m eating pumpkin oatmeal in a sweater. C’est la vie.


Since I’m now in full-fall mode, I started today with pumpkin spice brewed coffee…


…and since you guys know I’m like a 5 year old at Christmas with new stuff, I busted out my new Bahamian starfish bowl for some pumpkin oats.


Hello delicious oats! This batch was made with rolled oats, hemp milk, canned organic pumpkin, pepitas, and maple syrup.


I wore my boots for the first time this season (ok, first time with the exception of my Lady Gaga concert get-up).


I packed up a large salad for lunch today (last night), but didn’t have anything to go with it.


So, I scored some rice and beans for only $2 at a local burrito shop.

IMG_4494.jpg IMG_4499.jpg

I was really excited to try this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip protein bar from a local eatery, but I wasn’t a fan. I love their other flavors to pieces, but this one had RAISINS in it. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I don’t care much for raisins or that I totally didn’t expect raisins to be in a PB-Chocolate-Chip flavored bar, but it was not my cup of tea. I’ll stick with the blueberry or banana flavors next time because those are scrumptious.


Post-work, I taught ZUMBA! I subbed a class for my friend Alicia (yes, the one I randomly ran into in the Bahamas!) since she was still out of town

We had a really, really FUN class! I hope tomorrow’s is just as good. The playlist was kicking and the class was really moving great tonight!

Fave songs of the playlist:

  • The Power
  • Everything I Can’t Have
  • She’s Hotter
  • Hello Good Morning
  • Krazy (an old-school song I’m trying to revive in class)

Speaking of songs…

I CANNOT get Lady Gaga’s Speechless song out of my head! I’ve found myself singing it non-stop for about the last 48 hours. Whoa. Check out the video above – it’s sooo good live!

I would really like to try singing this at karaoke…if I could just muster up the courage.


Anywho, hubby had dinner ready when I got home – breaded halibut, garden medley rice and steamed broccoli.


Plus we split a Great Harvest cinnamon roll for dessert. Soo ooey-gooey and yummy!

And speaking of sweets, I’ve had TONS of birthday dessert but ZERO official birthday cake. I think this is pretty tragic and needs to be remedied immediately. Or at least ASAP. Anyone want to bake me a cake? 😉


Btw, the Bahamas were beautiful, but something was missing…

IMG_4671.jpg IMG_4672.jpg IMG_4673.jpg

Bailey! That’s our little cuddle-monster. 🙂


This little guy may have missed us, but he also missed our BED! He’s been getting pretty cozy there a lot lately. Spoiled little guy.

Do you let your pet sleep on the bed?

23 thoughts on “Summer to Fall”

  1. We have tried to let the dogs sleep on the bed with us but they each are MUCH bigger than Bailey (55lbs and 75lbs) and try to take over. Usually I end up taking them downstairs because they won’t settle down or one wants to sleep on the lower portion of one of my legs. However, napping on the couch with them though will work. I think the smaller space means they can’t get into the “MY SPOT ALLLL MIIIINE” mode.

  2. I hear you about cake. My birthday was yesterday and I didn’t eat one sweet thing. I’m trying so hard to limit sugar to one or two meals a week. Saturday might be a buttercream disaster…I’m so looking forward to it!

  3. We have 4 dogs (3 med sized, one large) and they are all welcome to sleep on the bed. Luckily, the big guy usually sleeps on the couch, but it’s still crowed with the rest, my husband and me. At lease we have a king sized bed!

  4. Bailey is SO CUTE! I wish you guys could visit San Diego, so we could have a puppy play date =)

    Roxy (our 55 pound Aussie Shep) is allowed to sleep on my bed, but she tends to move around the room at night. She’ll start on the floor, move to the bed, move back down, etc.

  5. I love having my dogs sleep in bed with me. We have 3 dogs (though they are all pretty small)so it can get crowded if they all want up but I feel so humbled by their desire to cuddle with us that I would rather be a little cramped than break their little hearts
    My husband *says* he only wants 1 dog in the bed, our oldest, but when the other pups come creeping in, he is the first one to cuddle them 🙂


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