Bailey’s Birthday 2014


Just after coming back from Zumba Convention 2014, it was time to celebrate Bailey the corgi’s 7th birthday! I can’t believe how old he is. I feel like he’s still a puppy most days. He had a great birthday with two of his favorite things:

Bailey's Birthday 2014

The cake is pretty big, so it’s great for sharing…or spreading out over a couple days.

Bailey's Birthday 2014

Bailey's Birthday 2014

Bailey's Birthday 2014

Cake is the only thing that matters!!!!!

Bailey's Birthday 2014

Bailey's Birthday 2014

Bailey's Birthday 2014

Bailey's Birthday 2014

Bailey's Birthday 2014

I took Bailey out for a ride around town with the windows down. he loved it!

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

Insta-Chic {4-12-2014}


Happy weekend! Hope you’re all enjoying the beautiful spring weather as much as I am!


I went with my friend Lindsey to see Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour with Cirque du Soleil. The show was SO fun! The show featured mostly dancing, which surprised me a little since I associate Cirque with elaborate acrobatics. It was still a blast and also made me feel very sentimental since I, like many of you, grew up listening to Michael’s music and watching his music videos. I actually wore out his tape when I was a kid from listening to it too much! I enjoyed the selection of songs and how they worked in poems and sound clips of Michael talking throughout the show. And they even encourage you to stand up and dance for the last part of the show, which makes it feel like a big party celebrating the king of pop.

If you’re a big Michael fan like me, you may want to check out the official show soundtrack, which features remixes and different cuts of almost 30 songs for about $12 on iTunes.


In other news, I’m definitely ready for Lent to be over. I want dessert! I made this chocolate banana smoothie for a post-dinner non-dessert. It was made with just bananas, unsweetened cocoa powder, flaxseed, and rice milk, but it tasted a bit like chocolate pudding. Yum! Still not as good as a cupcake, though.


And poor Bailey had a rough week. He was sick last weekend and then had to get a tooth pulled on Thursday! He’s quite the chewer, and he actually cracked a tooth awhile ago. We were worried it may get infected, so we took him in for a cleaning, and they decided the tooth needed to come out. Poor little guy. I picked him up from the vet with the tiny paw print bandage in the photo above. Luckily, he’s feeling much better already, so he seems to be having a quick recovery.


Hubby and I had a date night on Friday and went to the Studio Movie Grill to watch the new Captain America and get dinner.


Dinner was okay, but we decided to get snacks and a drink after the show at Enso since we were already at the Epicentre.


To celebrate the spring weather, I spent a little time on today hitting up a local nursery to get some herbs and plants for some pots around the house. My mom is growing some more herbs for me, so I just got two Italian parsley plants and one mint. The mint is actually called “mojito mint”, so I guess we know what I’ll be drinking this summer. Anywho, I had a great time soaking up some sun and getting my hands a little dirty. I miss growing herbs and vegetables. I definitely need to talk my family into visiting so they can install a garden in our backyard. I’m ready!

Cold Spring and No Dessert for Lent


Hello! Hope you all had a great week.


Bailey says, “Hi!”


I’m not sure what the weather is like where you are, but it’s been really cold around town lately. We had some 70 degree weather awhile back, but I guess that was just a tease. This week has been all in the 50′s, 40′s, and even 30′s! I’m ready for spring!

The only upside I found this past week was making a big slow cooker batch of my beef and 3 bean chili. Chili is such good cold weather food. We enjoyed ours with fresh-grated cheddar melted on top and Great Harvest jalapeño poppers on the side. Those poppers are almost as good with chili as the classic PIC – cornbread. The poppers are like white rolls stuffed with a jalapeño slice and cheddar cheese…yum! We warmed ours up in the oven for a few minutes for that fresh-baked taste.


The weather seems to only be adding to my stress levels lately. I’d like to say I’m trying to balance that out by sleeping more, but I’m not good at going to be early. So, instead, I’ll continue to try to eat healthy and get plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables.

We had pizza for dinner tonight, but breakfast, lunch, and dinner were lacking in the veg category, so I decided to have a snack of edamame with coarse salt and zesty spices for a movie snack.


And I gave up dessert for Lent, so no sweets for me for awhile. I’ve decided that smoothies are okay post-dinner because I get extra fruit (and often times vegetable) servings. So far, I’ve had a couple simple green monster smoothies after dinner, and though they aren’t a true dessert, I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit.


I’ve felt pretty wiped out this week. I think things started out poorly when I spent most of Monday from 8am – 7pm in meetings at work., and I’ve been playing catch up since then. Bailey and I are hoping for some good R&R this weekend.


Here’s something to think about for the weekend – Yogi Tea wisdom – “Let your heart guide you.”

Snowed In {Corgi in the Snow}


In case you hadn’t heard, we got a little snow here in the south. And when a little snow happens here, many cities pretty much shut down.

The downside? Since I have the ability to work remotely, I still had to work all week. The upside? Since I have the ability to work remotely, I was able to stay safe and warm at home. Hazzah! I also had the pleasure of sharing an office with the best co-worker a girl could have – Bailey. Things didn’t work out quite as well with my Zumba classes, which unfortunately had to be canceled for the week. I so missed the energy of class and my dancing friends, but I did a little dancing at the house.

Another positive from the week was how well Eat in Month prepared me for our time being snowed in. Our house was well stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. We also had plenty of other pantry and frozen ingredients to eat well the whole time without worrying about having to leave the house. It also helped that I swung by Great Harvest on my way home from work as the snow started to pick up a call-in order of flax oat bran bread and cinnamon chip bread. I also picked up a half dozen white rolls and a walnut chocolate chip cookie for good measure.

With our laptops and a great assortment of eats, we were set. I made a new quiche recipe that yielded delicious eats for a couple days. We worked furiously on our laptops. We ate chili with extra cheddar cheese and drank lots of hot tea with local honey. And, I rode a plastic storage container down a hill as a makeshift sled. All in all, a good snow week! Here are some photos from the week (mostly of Bailey since he’s the most photogenic)…












So, who’s ready for spring?

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