Pre-V-Day Surprise

I came home to a sweet little pre-V-day surprise earlier this week. 


I think it’s so funny how the cookie and the flowers match.  If you knew my SO, you’d know he hasn’t the slightest bit of artist in him, so it’s just a strange coincidence how they coordinate.  But, artist or not, I love him! 🙂  I love him for these little surprises that he hasn’t done as much since starting night classes for his MBA but still tries to squeeze in now and again.  I love how he knows how much I adore this little, local bakery down the road and has started trying to get me little treats from there now and again b/c the place seems to only be open when I’m at work and can’t make a trip there myself.  This is the same bakery that makes those fabulous donuts…mmm.  Don’t you just love those locally-owned places around your town?  It’s great to be able to support a small business, but beyond that, the goods from these cute places always seem more special, much like how something thing that is handmade can be so…heartfelt.  Do you have a place like this in your hometown?  Maybe you’ve driven by it before but never stopped?  It’s funny how these places can be such "holes-in-the-walls" sometimes – places you’d drive past and never notice.  Anywho, I encourage you to check out your local offerings – the locally owned bakeries I’ve been to have always been the best…and you guys know I know my sweets!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Wow, I so relate to your post and I couldn't agree more. I love those little local shops, they are heaven. We had an adorable little coffee shop within walking distance, but now it's gone and we really miss it.
    That is so cute that your honey did that for you, he's a keeper!!


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