The Foodies Do Lunch at Ratcliffe on the Green

Even though I think we've worked on the same project for awhile now (possibly a few to many months), it's only been recently that I really started getting chatty with my co-worker, June (who baked that festival-winning Almond Cheese Cake), talking about food, crafts, blogs, magazines…oh, and did I say food?  Although I'm sure my pocket is quite happy, it's a shame we didn't discover our love of great food sooner because we could have hit up the town in search of the best work-week lunches.


We decided since tomorrow is my last day on my current project that we would hit up a fabulous restaurant today.  June had the awesome idea of going to Ratcliffe on the Green, a restaurant that supports local farmers by purchasing most of their ingredients from them.  We arrived at the restaurant early and grabbed the best seat in the house – the window seat.  


I started with the side salad, which had fresh greens, nuts (walnuts, I think), bacon (or was it pancetta?) with a light vinaigrette – very tasty.


June had the lentil burger, which was served with the "fluffiest" chips we'd ever tasted.  Yea, I said "fluffy."  An odd description for chips considering most are "crunchy", I know.


I had the Filet Pot Pie, which was served with fresh arugula.  It was very tasty and perfect for the colder-than-usual weather we've been having lately.  The bites of filet and veggies were hot & tender and tasted great with the puff-pastry topping.

DSCN2366  DSCN2362

When the waiter asked us about dessert, we were 50/50 on whether we wanted any or not.  However, we were sooooo happy to have ordered the deep-fried apple pie.  I also had a cup of coffee and June had Earl Gray tea.  Can I tell you they had the coolest cups & saucers?  Aren't they neat-looking?


The dessert was one of the best apple-pies I've ever had.  I normally don't even like ice cream served with pies, but this ice cream was cinnamon-flavored and handmade with some really high-quality cream.  The ice cream was rich & decadent without being overwhelming.  The proof of this delicious dessert truly was in the pudding…er…pie.  Yum!

Oh, and sweet June sneakily snuck her card into the bill before I even got a looksie.  I didn't even see her put a card in the billfold, but the waiter had taken it before I knew it.  Sneaky, sneaky June!  I promised June I'd bake her something…I just need to come up with something good enough for her award-winning-baker's palette.  Wish me luck!  And thanks again June!

3 thoughts on “The Foodies Do Lunch at Ratcliffe on the Green”

  1. okay…next time you guys go there…can June snag me one of those cute little All Clad bake and serve thingies! oh…how I love that stuff…even if it is a pain to clean…

  2. BumbleVee I'll snag one for you…after I get one for myself first :).

    Everything was good at Ratcliffe, but the dessert was definitely the standout. Can't wait for our next foodie adventure.


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