Rosemary Focaccia Encore + Pre-Run Eats

Happy Thursday friends! We’re only about 2 weeks away from Christmas! I’m not even worried about that yet, though…I am scared of the 5k I’m doing! Eeks!

On to some eats…


Oops, I did it again. I made more focaccia. I can’t resist delicious carbs.


You know what else is a delicious carb? Donuts. Breakfast of champions.


Breakfast = Donut + Fried Local Egg

If you’ve read this blog for very long, you probably know I’m mildly obsessed with donuts. It’s no wonder I don’t try to make them at home. (Oh wait, I already made doughnuts from scratch once…hehe).


I used my lunch break to work on homemade focaccia. I used the same recipe as last time.

Since my yeast didn’t work out so hot last time (though thank goodness it didn’t affect the delicious flavor), I tried a couple things based on suggestions from my twitter friends.

Change #1: I let the yeast/sugar/warm water cure in the stove. I turned it on warm just before putting the yeast in…then I turned the oven off, so it was warm but not hot.



I still used my KitchenAid to knead the dough…just like that commenter said to do (see previous post on focaccia for the note).


Change #2: I let the dough rise in the oven using the same method as above – turn it on warm, add item to rise/etc and turn oven off.

IMG_2285_edited.jpg IMG_2292_edited.jpg

Change #3 (not related to yeast): Instead of using coarse salt, I used my fancy pink salt. I figured…why not? I already spent the money on it and there seems to be a ton leftover from my first caramel experiment.


Homemade focaccia is a wee bit messy, but overall quite simple. The ingredient list is short and the work involved is not much at all. Dare I say focaccia from scratch is easy?


Even if you can’t get your yeast to work right (which by the way…it didn’t quite seem to pan out for me this time (I’m starting to think I need new yeast, even though this one isn’t supposed to expire till late 2011), you should get something tasty and chewy like this.


PS It’s pretty much vegan (unless you count yeast – I’ve heard vegans can be on the fence for this one, though since I’m not vegan, I’m not certain…though there could be a vegan substitution).


The recipe was a success again! I’m only hoping to try some different toppings next time – maybe pickled veggies or slices of tomato? Hmm…


I’d really like to try some other homemade breads…I’m a carbaholic!


Since I used my lunch break time to bake, I whipped up a quick lunch – just TJ’s breaded halibut, frozen peas, and some of the focaccia…fresh from the oven!


I taught Zumba tonight. I told my class about my new quote-inspired Zumba shoes and that I hoped that they would remember to love themselves more and take the thought with them after they left class.

I also led one of the new songs I choreographed – Eyes Like Yours by Shakira. It has a very cute body/hip twist in it! 😉


Check out this tiny silver tree in my sun room.


My MIL got hubby and me these cute little ornaments and I think they go perfectly with this tree.


And here’s the main event. We did it! We finished decorating it!

Dear running friends, please give me some tips! What do you eat before you run? How long before you run should you eat it? I know I usually try to eat small meals about 2 hours before Zumba…wasn’t sure if it was the same. Also, the 5k is in the morning and I’m hoping to get as much sleep as possible. Thoughts? Suggestions welcome! 🙂

28 thoughts on “Rosemary Focaccia Encore + Pre-Run Eats”

  1. love the tree. 😉

    oatmeal, toast with pb and jelly, or egg sandwich. Always with a huge glass of water.

    I usually wait at least an hour before running. I have a sensitive stomach, and I’ve been know to throw up if I run too soon after eating. Good luck!!

  2. I usually eat a small bowl of oatmeal a couple of hours before I run a race because I know it will not mess my stomach up and that gives me time to let nature do its thing..(tmi-sorry). Good luck and ENJOY the experience! 🙂

  3. I typically eat a CLIF bar or a bagel thin with peanut butter and a glass of water 30 minutes to an hour before my run. You can stick with your 2 hours as you do with Zumba, since that seems to work well for you. Be sure to rest the day before and have a good night’s sleep. I am often very excited/nervous before a race so I try to go to bed extra early. Best of luck, you will do great! Stay positive and enjoy it.

  4. The tree and the bread look great! I love playing with yeast breads. You learn something new every time and since it is alive, you never really know what will happen. I don’t know if you have a microwave, but I proof my dough in there. I dampen a dish towel, microwave it for 1 minute, then place the towel over the dough and then put it in the microwave with the door shut. It makes a nice proof box.

  5. If you are going to be really racing (i.e. breathing very heavily, exerting 80-90% effort the whole time), I would eat 2 hours prior. If you’re taking it as more of a fun run (maybe 50-70% effort), 1 hour is probably fine. Eat whatever your body is used to before workouts – for most people its toast with peanut butter, or a bar and a banana. I would avoid dairy!
    GOOD LUCK!! You’ll do great!

  6. Having run my very first 5k on Thanksgiving, I’d recommend eating at least an hour before the race… a nut butter on toast/bagel half/sandwich thin is good. Drink some water and stretch it out!

  7. I can’t handle much food in my stomach when I run, but I like to fuel for races. So far, a piece of toast with about one tablespoon of almond butter has generally worked for me. A half a Clif bar has, too. Lots of water! Coconut water and bananas are good for cramps. GOOD LUCK!

  8. I don’t mean to spam, sorry, but it is relevant! I think it is totally your yeast. I don’t even turn my oven on when I rise my bread in it, I just have the oven light on and it works wonderfully.

    I made focaccia with mushrooms, onion & basil here

    But I totally dig the bread bakers apprentice for flavour overall

  9. Very yummy looking focaccia! Makes me want some tomato and meat sauce for dipping. 🙂

    I either eat a handful of almonds or a banana with some almond butter before a run.


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