Progress Report – File System – Check!

It took a few hours, but I finally completed my filing system for 2009.


I learned this file system technique from my parents, though I'm sure it's quite common.  I created hanging folders for my various categories, i.e. "Arts/Crafts Shows" and then I put tab-folders inside.  Each tab-folder gets a year, i.e. "2009."  At the end of the year, the tab-folders are moved to storage and new folders are created for the new year.  The hanging folders remain until they become obsolete and new ones are added as needed.


I stayed up late last night to watch Privileged and work on thank you cards.  We're so late getting these out but I'm determined to complete them this week.  Part of the complication is that we're trying to add a special surprise to the cards (can't say now since some card recipients read this blog) and it adds an extra couple steps to the card writing process.  I think it will be worth the extra work, though.  Anywho, I ended up sleeping in this AM since I stayed up so late.  I really need to work on going to bed earlier!  I like waking up early and getting lots of good work done in the AM.


For lunch today, I had a turkey and cheese panini.  We had Black Forest Turkey with Muenster cheese on that Flax Oat Bran bread.  Yum!

Neat is on, so I'm going to go get inspired to de-clutter!

2 thoughts on “Progress Report – File System – Check!”

  1. Filing done already?! Gulp. You're a machine. I still have to wade through 5 bags worth of paper/bills/etc. Although it will give me a chance to use my label maker – which I adore.



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