Sleepy Puppy

It's a good thing the sun is finally coming out again (though I do hear it's supposed to rain tomorrow) because Bailey has been one sleepy puppy!


He loves napping on our chaise here.  We find him up here all the time.


Here's Bailey asleep on the bed I made for him awhile back.  This is where we make him stay when we eat our meals.  He usually either tries to sneak off of the bed and inch towards the food or he falls asleep like he did here.


Besides sleeping through the gloomy weather, Bailey has managed to make friends with one of his Christmas toys he got from his Grandma (Hubby's mom).  Hubby has nicknamed Bailey's stuffed animal friend, "Baby" because Bails has been toting the thing around like his baby.  Hubby and I are quite astonished that "Baby" has lasted this long.


Normally, he tears his toys up faster than you can tell him "Nooooooo!" and you should see him eat treats…he gulps them.  At least, he tries to gulp them.  I hear corgis are "gulpers."


Just look at that face!  You can almost see him thinking "Who me?"

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  1. I love seeing photos of Bailey. He is still sooo adorable! I love dogs that still have that puppy face even when they grow up. Give him a kiss and a hug from this dog lover!


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