On the Up and Up

I went to work the rest of this week, even though I'm still feeling meh.  I only stayed home Tuesday. 


I'm finally getting the chance to work in my office.  I've basically been at client sites for the last two years, stuck in tee-niny cubicles.  But, this week, for the first time, I'm working in my office.  Yes, this is my office!  I never would have dreamed I'd have my very own office, with a window, at 28, but here she is.  The room is a bit sparse, but it's a nice change from the current clutter madness going on at the apartment.


While we're on the subject of my office, here's our break room.  Pretty snazzy, no?  The break room comes complete with a fridge, microwave, working sink (yes, I've seen non-working sinks at client sites), dishwasher, eating/bar area, coffee machine, tea machine, fridge full of free sodas (which I take great strides to avoid…I try to only have a soda once in awhile), a flat screen TV with HD, and a custom pool table with my company's logo printed in the top.  My fave feature is the TV because I can watch Food TV in HD on my lunch breaks.  Yesssss!


Anywho, I think all that coziness Wednesday night (plus the 2 extra hours of sleep I got) really helped me out leaps and bounds.  Thursday morning I felt much better.  Friday (today) was about the same as Thursday.  I think the worst part about being sick at the moment is that now that the new year is here, I'm all motivated to get my work-out on.  I'm there mentally, but not physically.  It's a shame because I was supposed to go ice skating last weekend with an old skating buddy and today, my zumba instructor was offering free classes.  I am still hoping to go skating later this weekend if I'm feeling better by then.  Maybe Sunday?  Either way, the weather has been pretty gloomy the last week or so, but today, the sun finally came out.  I think the happy, bright weather is helping me feel better, too.  Just look at how blue the sky is!  The azure blue sky reminds me of this beautiful day we had this past fall.


When I got home from work, I decided that I'd compromise between not working out at all and going to zumba by taking a quick walk with Bailey.  I figured the fresh air would be good for us, too.


We were only gone 20 minutes, but I didn't want to push it.  It seems every time I'm sick and I try to act like I'm 100% right away, I make myself sick again.  The 20 minute walk was perfect.  Bails and I had a decent workout (all things considered) and the fresh air was very invigorating.

Anywho, I just finished one of my Yogi Tea Cold Season sampler teas (I went with Cold Season and it was quite good) and now it's time to watch Everyday Italian.  Ta-ta!

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  1. Wow — what a great office! Love the amenities. I have a window too, but my desk, etc. aren't nearly as chic as yours. I'll bet you'll hate when they send you back out to a client!

    I hope you feel better soon and have a good weekend!


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