Read ‘Em and Weep, Girls…

…because I’ve got the new, the very elusive Spring/Summer 2009 Debbie Bliss magazine!


Ok, sorry for the random blog title, but I’m so excited that I’ve already got my hands on a copy of DB’s newest mag! I thought it wasn’t supposed to come out till the 12th! Is it just me, or this mag nearly impossible to find to buy?

How did I do it? I called the friendly folks over at Barnes & Nobles and asked if they would reserve a copy for me when they got it. I’ve been looking forward to Feb 12th for the last couple weeks, so you can imagine my surprise at getting a phone call from a nice lady at Barnes & Nobles today (already!?) saying that they had my copy behind the desk. Woohoo! I’ve already flipped through it once, but it seems like I always see something new the 2nd, 3rd, and every time after, so I can’t wait to browse again.


I also got a photography book – How to Photograph Absolutely Everything by Tom Ang. I don’t use my camera nearly as well as I should. I’d really like to take a photography class, but I don’t have the time or money (but hopefully, I will later this year). Not to mention that I may be traveling for my job very soon and that wouldn’t mesh well with a class schedule. I even had a 15% coupon to use for this!


I also got Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy by Walter C Willet…fiiiinally. I ordered this book, along with Small Changes, Big Results, about 2 weeks ago, but my order was somehow lost. *sad face*

After waiting a couple days of my order getting lost, I went ahead and got SCBR, but I had to wait longer to get my card refunded. I got an email saying my card had been credited for the lost package yesterday, so I figured I could go ahead and get my other book today while I was already at B&N. I was thinking about getting the photography book instead of EDBH, but after browsing through the book for a few minutes, I couldn’t bear to part with it.

Wow, I’ve got a lot of literature to read!

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  1. i love getting new books and magazines, that's so exciting!! i try to hit up the library a lot for new reads but those are ones you will definitely look through over and over and over again 🙂 Have a great Friday!!


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