SCBR Week 1/Day 4 Food/Exercise Journal

Things were kinda hectic this AM, but I still managed to pack a decent lunch and some good snacks.

8:00 am – Coffee – Awake

I had my usual AM cup of coffee. One of these days I will remember to take a photo. I had FM Breakfast Blend with 2 tsp sugar and 2 tbsp 2% milk. To be honest, these measurements are really guestimates, but since I have the same amount every day, I should probably measure it at least once to verify.

10:00 am – Quaker Simple Harvest Bar – Satisfied



With the weather being so cold lately, I’d really like to have something warm on my throat besides hot coffee for breakfast. A bowl of hot, creamy oatmeal would be fab! I sent hubby out to get canned pumpkin last night so I could have some pumpkin oats, but he couldn’t find any except one can that was $4! I can wait on that one. Maybe I’ll remember to pack something to make oatmeal tomorrow?

This Quaker Simple Harvest Dark Chocolate Chunk bar made for a great, quick breakfast. It wasn’t quite as filling as the other two I’ve had so far this week, but it was waiting for me in my desk and certainly better than nothing. To be honest, I don’t really like chocolate chunks. I like chocolate, I like bars of chocolate, I like pieces of chocolate, and I like chocolate chips, but there’s something to the texture of chunks that I don’t care for as much. Still, the dark chocolate was a nice change from the usual chocolate in most granola bars. It was sort of like a nicer than normal granola bar. Nice & chewy.

10:30 am – Yogi Tea Echinacea Immune Support Hot Tea – Satisfied


By 10:30am, I had been sitting in a conference room for nearly an hour and I needed something to warm up. I decided to make another cup of that Yogi Tea Echinacea Immune Support. With weather like this, I need all the help I can get to stay healthy.


Yogi quote of the day – “Meditation is the medicine of the mind.”

1:00 pm – Chicken Salad sandwich, carrots + celery + hummus – Satisfied


I’ve been doing much better packing lunch than breakfast lately. Isn’t my tupperware colorful?


I used that leftover chicken from last night to make some chicken salad. Shockingly, though chicken salad is one of my fave things to eat, this was my very first time trying to prepare it. It was so easy, I don’t know what’s taken so long.


Doesn’t the red onion look pretty with all those rings?


I used some of my organic red onion and celery from my delivery yesterday for the chicken salad. I then added salt, pepper, celery salt, and mayo. I asked hubby to buy some light mayo, but he accidentally came home with regular. He had such a sad face when I pointed out it wasn’t light, I couldn’t be mad. I was, however, a wee bit mad at myself for adding 2 tbsp of the stuff to my salad. I added 1 tbsp of mayo to start and the mixture still looked dry. Without thinking much, I added a 2nd tbsp of mayo. As I stirred it in, I realized that I would be basically eating a chicken sandwich with a whopping 2 tbsp of mayo! I like mayo, but just a wee bit.


I brought my chicken salad along with 2 slices of wheat bread from Nature’s Own to work today. The NO bread is ok. I prefer bread that is really dense, hearty, and has good texture, so this one reminded me a bit more of cardboard in comparison to all the yummy Great Harvest bread we’ve been enjoying lately. Still, hubby picked this out at the store and for him to choose wheat over white is a win in my opinion. 🙂


The chicken salad was quite tasty. I was pretty happy with my first attempt. I think I should have added a little lemon juice to the mix as most recipes online suggest, but still, I’m impressed with my use of leftover chicken (impressed since I have not always been the best at using leftovers in the past and am trying to work on it).


I brought some more baby carrots and some celery pieces to finish up that hummus (about 1 tbsp) from yesterday. Another leftover…yay! I also had 4 or 5 Stacy bagel chips from my boss. Since they were from my boss, I didn’t photograph them.

2:30 pm – Newman’s Chocolate Chip Cookies – Satisfied


After our phone conference (yes, we had a 3 hour phone conference – a vendor demo) I had 2 of those mini Newman’s Own Champion Chip Cookies. These are tiny, but a nice snack.

7:30 pm – Strawberry Toaster Strudel + Milk – A Little Hungry Still


Mondays + Wednesdays are late days for me since hubby isn’t usually home till 9PM-ish. I used to just cook when I got home on these days, but he nicely asked I try to wait, so I’m going to try my best. To tide me over till the late dinner, I had a Pillsbury Toaster Strudel. Yea, they’re not healthy, but they do taste good. I don’t drizzle my icing like they show on the box…I just get the icing out of the wrapper and spread it with a knife. I always make sure to put a wee bit extra on one corner and try to eat that last. Save the best for last, right?


I also had about a 1/2 cup of 2% milk.

9:30 pm – Ina’s Salmon + Lentils – Satisfied


For dinner, I had Ina’s Salmon with Lentils. I was a little frustrated making the meal, but I feel good after having eaten it. The salmon and lentils were quite light yet filling and I feel full, but not uncomfortable.

I guess since dinner was so late, I won’t be having any late-night snacks. Too bad…I could have used a piece of chocolate. Maybe I’ll have some tomorrow?

Ok, I’m off to try to read in bed before going to sleep. I’m working on developing that habit to help me get to bed easier/faster. Plus, I’m hoping to catch up on some good reads – those books and mags from last weekend.


3 thoughts on “SCBR Week 1/Day 4 Food/Exercise Journal”

  1. Good idea with the chicken salad! It's so funny, I was just thinking of testing out some egg salad this weekend…something I love but never seem to buy or make! Weird, right?? The red onions look delish. I LOVE red onions!

    Also totally love your toaster strudel method. ALWAYS use a knife for maximum coverage I think!!

    PS I just added you to my blogroll, sorry!!! dont know why you weren't on there already!!

  2. Just noticed the granola bars. Have you ever tried making them yourself? I noticed a great recipe in a running magazine a while ago – wanted to try it but never got around to it.

    I think it's a great idea though eh?

  3. I love chicken salad and HEARTY bread too! I have much kudos to you for sending hubby to the store… I would never do that.. 1)he would come home with the wrong things 2)he would forget things 3)he would buy too much candy for himself and not the things on the list. 🙂


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