SCBR Week 3/Day 1 Food/Exercise Journal

10:00 am – Eggs, Bacon, Toast, Coffee + OJ – Satisfied


Hubby tried to let me sleep in this morning, but I awoke to the sound of the yappy dog on the porch of the apartment below us. I did get to sleep in a little. Hubby and I made breakfast together, which was cute. Usually I cook, he cleans, so it’s nice to do one or the other together.


For the liquids, I had FM Breakfast Blend coffee with milk and sugar, along with a tiny glass of OJ.


For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, 2 pieces of bacon, and a piece of Texas Toast. I wanted a piece of Great Harvest bread, but our loaf was molding. 🙁 The funny thing about being more conscious of healthy eating is that you really do think more about what you’re eating.

I’ve been trying to hit all my food groups with the meals/snacks I eat, and eating Texas Toast this morning felt like eating an empty serving that did nothing for me nutritionally. My dad has always tried to tell my sis and I that eating bleached white bread is like eating cardboard, and I will say that growing up eating a more hearty wheat bread, I have always been able to taste the difference. Now, I’m just looking at them from a different perspective.

11:30 am – Water – Satisfied


You’d think I’d have an easier time drinking all the water I need at home than at work, but I usually drink less on the weekends. Go figure! lol. I had a small glass late this morning.

12:00 pm – Pomegranate Mocktail – Satisfied


After the water, I decided to sip on a pomegranate mocktail while running my errands around the house.

3:00 pm – Bagel, Veggie Cream Cheese, + Water – Satisfied


In the afternoon, hubby and I had Perfect 10 Western Bagels with veggie cream cheese…


…and a small glass of water.


I wrapped things up with a small organic Pink Lady apple.


Bailey helped me finish the apple by nibbling on the core. He loves apples! Seriously, if I use one of those apple slicer gadgets, he’ll come running into the room hoping I toss him a piece. He probably ate about 1 tsp worth of apple, the same amount he usually gets. We don’t like to give him human food. Sorry Bails!

4:00 pm – Larabar – Satisfied


Before heading out to run errands around town, I grabbed a cherry pie Larabar (thanks Kath!) to snack on during the commute.


I didn’t think it tasted like cherry pie at all, but I did enjoy it. I thought it tasted more like one of those fruit leathers with a bunch of crunchy nuts mixed in. I’d buy more of them for sure. The bar def helped me make it through my errands in good spirits.

6:30 pm – TJ Chicken Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries, + Coleslaw – Satisfied


I made sweet potato fries based on this Paula Dean recipe. The recipe was just ok, so I won’t bother typing it up for here, but here’s the link to the recipe on


I also got a head of cabbage at the store earlier, so I made an attempt at coleslaw, which came out just so-so. I probably should have found a more exact recipe, but I just scanned a bunch on a google search and winged it.


We got these chicken patties at Trader Joe’s last weekend.


Sliced tomatoes for extra veggie-power!


I toasted some challah rolls from TJ under the broiler and melted a slice of provolone on the underside of the tops.

Hubby hated this meal! He thought the chicken patties were just ok (I didn’t love them either, but they were cheap & easy to make and pretty good for what they were, he hated the sweet potato fries, and he hated the cole slaw, too. He said the sweet potatoes were “weird” and that he doesn’t like raw vegetables. Oi! He is killing me here with his unhealthy food habits!


I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t like something – it’s not like I love every single food out there – but I think he really has something against “healthy” food and gets the idea he won’t like something in his head before the food hits his tongue. He at least ate 2 or 3 of the fries and small bite of the coleslaw. As for me, I ate all my coleslaw and all my sweet potato fries, but only about 2/3 of the sandwich. I also had a small glass of water with my meal. Do you see the new glassware? 🙂 I love plateware and glassware!

9:15 pm – Valentine’s Day Cupcake + Milk – Satisfied


I had one of my leftover Valentine cupcakes and small glass of milk while watching tonight’s Cold Case. Love that show!


I think this cupcake deserves another look. Yum!

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  1. I can relate–my husband is definitely in the running with my five-year-old for being the hardest to please in the healthy foods department. His favorite food group is hot Italian sausage.

  2. I just found your blog via reader and I just love it. I am also a Yogi Tea lover AND have a health food hating hubby, you should hear him every time I put the good bread in the cart at the store, ugh!


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