BIG NEWS: I’m Going to San Francisco!!!

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So, I've had some BIG NEWS that I've been keeping from you guys.  I know I sound crazy, but I am always worried about talking about something before it's more definite for fear of jinxing myself, but I've got my flight and hotel booked, so I'm ready to spill the news! 🙂

So, remember how I had all those last minute interviews last week?  (I'm a consultant, so I work full time for my consulting company, but we still have to interview with potential clients)  Well, I got the job and they want me to fly out to San Francisco ASAP to meet some key people and get started.  I'm only flying out to SF for 2 business days and I should be working primarily from my regular city, so the travel should be low, in general.  I'm leaving Wednesday morning and flying back Sunday evening.  I'm so excited about this project/trip for so many reason: to have a job, because the project itself sounds super interesting, because I've never been to California before, because one of my dearest friends lives in SF and we're going to get to hang out, and because I'm so gonna get all $40 a day on that place and live it up with the eats! 

Although my time there will be relatively short and I may not have time to hit up the tourist attractions, my inner foodie has me researching restaurants to check out while I'm in SF.

For my inner sweet-tooth:

For eats:

  • Chinatown Dim Sum (I hear the Hang Ah Tea Room is pretty good, per reviews on
  • Joe's Cable Car (Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives – they grind their own steak meat!  Check out their video on their web site.)
  • Boulevard (creative food combinations – Belle Epoque style)
  • Millenium Restaurant (contemporary vegetarian – I'd love to try a vegetarian restaurant b/c I don't think they have any around here)

Does any one have any other SF restaurant/bakery/etc recommendations?  Any must-sees?

I have also researched yarn shops and this one, Artfibers, looks promising.

Anyone out there reading in SF?

Btw, I may have actually already jinxed myself…I think I'm coming down with the flu!!!  On no!  I'm going to continue to rest up today because I can't afford to be sick before my first week on the project and my bid adventure out west!  Wish me luck!

10 thoughts on “BIG NEWS: I’m Going to San Francisco!!!”

  1. That sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear about the yarn store and your trip. Get some thera flu! I hear it works great. Wish we were going on an exciting adventure. Hugs.

  2. Wow! Lucky you, I've been to SF once and loved it, but too long ago to recommend anywhere. My son and his girlfriend are going this summer, so I'll be passing on any tips you have to them.

    Hope your flu passes quickly.

  3. Congratulations on the job! I hope you love SF – it is my favorite city in the US. Have fun and take care of yourself so you don't get that flu!


  4. Hi – came across your blog from reading Joe & Betsy – I have vacationed in SF and I love the Saturday morning farmers market at the Federal Building and dim sum at Yank Sing.

    Have fun!

  5. Glad you had a good time! After I posted, I realized its the Ferry Building, not the Federal Building. Sorry! I've done Napa as well – its amazing.


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