Nervous Night

Sorry, but no post tonight and no challenge this week…things are too crazy with my San Fran trip happening first thing tomorrow morning.  I spent a nervous night packing for my first big business trip.  I organized and re-organized and tried my best to manage to fit everything into a carry-on (I've heard it's best to not check if at all possible).  If people can live weeks off of their little carry-ons surely I can live less than 1, right?!  Anywho, I really hate flying – it gives me so much anxiety, so I'll probably have a hard time sleeping tonight, but I'm hoping for a bit of rest.

My plane leaves first thing in the AM – 7:30am EST (or EDT…whichever) and I will arrive in San Fran at 10:15am-ish SF Time.  It's weird to think that by basically morning time in SF, I'll have spent nearly a full working day between waiting at the airport and just flying across the country!

I'm hoping to keep blogging over my week and weekend adventure, so check back for updates!

Let me know if you guys have any San Fran recommendations for me!  Check out this post for what I've scoped out so far.  G'night! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Nervous Night”

  1. Hi Diana,
    I am sure you are there safe and sound and more relaxed. I hope you get a bit of time to sight see and SHOP .

    You are going to be one popular girl with your boys when you get home, lots of kisses I would say, ha ha!!


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