Safe Travels

Thanks everyone for the well-wishing! 🙂

No food diary today and I think not for the rest of this San Fran trip…but I will try to post a lot of photos so you can share the experience with me.  It's been a long day, but I figured I better start getting some posts up before I get totally behind. :)  At the moment, it is 10:30pm PDT, but for me, it feels like 1:30am.  I feel like I'm about to fall over.  It's been a loooong day.  Let's start from yesterday.

SanFran0309 063 

I spent way too long last night figuring out what to pack.  I laid everything out and tried to fit it into 2 different carry-ons to see which fit better.  I got it all in, but it was tight.  I would have had an easy time if I weren't trying to fit a laptop and bag in there!

SanFran0309 056 

I also tried to figure out how to fit Bailey in my carry-on.  Ok, I'm jk, but he would make a great carry-on!

SanFran0309 067

I work up at an early (for me) 5:30 am after a semi-restless night of sleep and got ready for my flight.  I had enough time to brew some coffee…thank goodness!

SanFran0309 069 

Our flight took off at 7:30 am and I had a Kind bar for breakfast since I forgot to eat before we left.

SanFran0309 073 

Since the flight was so long and my snack options so few, I got one of the those fruit + cheese trays.

SanFran0309 085 

I think it's so interesting to see what's going on below you when you're flying.  When I went to the Bahamas last year for our wedding, I took tons of photos from the plane as we approached the Islands because the water was so gorgeous from that high!  Unfortunately, those photos were lost when my camera was so I wasn't able to share those.

So, here's my first view of the Rocky Mountains!  Pretty cool, no?

SanFran0309 086 

Once I got to the airport, I found a shuttle to take to the hotel.

SanFran0309 090 

It was interesting looking out the shuttle windows to see how different the landscapes were.  It really is hilly here!

SanFran0309 091 

A photo from the shuttle approaching the downtown area.

SanFran0309 173 

The view from my hotel.  Pretty cool, no?

I was so sleepy by the time I got to my hotel…I was starving, too!  After checking my work email, I immediately tried to figure out where I was so I could get to some food! 

More on today's eats later…I gotta get to bed!  G'night!

6 thoughts on “Safe Travels”

  1. Hi! I just randomly found your blog and saw that your in San Fran..where I'm from! So I had to tell you my favorite places to dine..

    1.) Taylor's Automatic Refresher – it is like a diner with burgers and fries but with a total Californian twist! The ahi tuna burger is awesome and the sweet potato fries!

    2.) Farmer Brown – very hip and trendy restaurant that serves good old fashion southern soul food!

    3.) Mas Sake – delicious Asian fusion restaurant. Has great and fresh sushi but also things like fish tacos and fun drinks!

    4.) Greens – very famous vegetarian restaurant right on the waterfront! All their produce comes from local farms and everything is to die for!

    5.) Zuni Cafe – everything on the menu is fabulous! I bought their cookbook and use it all the time!

    Well I hope this helps and you enjoy this beautiful weather we're getting 🙂


  2. Our cats used to hop into backpacks and suitcases all the time when we were still at home…. they didn't want to be left behind if we were going anywhere I guess…. lol.. Bailey looks sooo cute …as always…. what a little ham.

  3. Brooke, Somehow your comment went to my spam folder and I just now saw it! So sorry! Thanks for the tips…I'll be back to SF soon (I think…hopefully by the end of the year).

    🙂 Diana


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