SCBR – Week 5 Changes

I think I did pretty good with last week’s changes. I have a really hard time with the bedtime changes because I have always been a night owl. I thoroughly enjoy waking up early and being productive, but I have such a hard time getting to bed early, I usually miss out on the waking up early. I’ll have to continue to work on that one.

Here’s the Week 5 Changes:

  1. Get enough healthy fat each day, and skip the bad fat.
  2. Do something active just for fun!
  3. Incorporate a mini-vacation or play break into your day.

I have read this chapter yet, so I’m curious to learn more about the activity-for-fun and the “mini-vacation.” I could certainly use a vacation!

2 thoughts on “SCBR – Week 5 Changes”

  1. I'm gonna try to join you with the healthy fat thing 🙂

    I totally hear you on being a night owl. It doesn't help that Bobby's even worse than me! He's in bed at 3am every night.

  2. I've been reading through your food journals for the last few weeks and it looks like you are putting some delicious and healthy meals on the table and doing very well. I especially liked the look of that shrimp/asparagus/quinoa meal. Keep it up!


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