SCBR – Halfway Point Check In + Stats

Ok, so I’m a couple weeks past the haflway point of SCBR, but I figured it wasn’t quite too late to post some stats.

I’ve had a couple questions as to just what SCBR is, so I want to recap for you guys. SCBR = Small Changes, Big Results . SCBR is a book by Ellie Krieger (one of my fave Food TV chefs!), and the book lays out a 12 week program to get 3 areas of your life in order: Nutrition, Fitness, and Well-Being by making small, incremental changes to your life. I originally got the book because I loved Ellie’s other book (The Food You Crave ) so much that I thought this one would be good, too. I also happened to be in a bit of a rut as far as food and exercise went. The timing was nice because I got the book around the New Year and it seemed like it would help me out with my New Year’s Resolutions.

You can click here to view my original post on SCBR.

I’ve really enjoyed paying more attention to the foods I eat, learning about calorie counting, and getting re-inspired to exercise (I am absolutely loving my zumba classes!), but results are always good to see, too.

Now for some stats!

Start Date: 2/1/09
Start weight: 133
Today’s Date: 4/15/09
Today’s Weight: 124.4

I’m really excited about my progress so far! It’s good to see all my hard work is paying off! Besides the measurements, I’ve also noticed that my clothes are fitting much better – especially my skinny jeans! Yay!

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  1. Wow, congratulations! You've been doing so well. I really want to check out this book – I'm adding it to my list (if it's not already there, lol). My list is too long!

  2. wow! congrats on the fantastic results! your will and strength is admirable.
    ellie is one of my fav food TV chefs, too. all her recipes are so nutritious and delicious to boot! are you also part of CEImB?


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