SCBR Week 7/ Day 1 Food/Exercise Journal

Now that I’ve got (almost) all my queued up posts over with, I’m ready to pick things back up with SCBR. I’ve decided to pick up where I left off and start on Week 7 again, since I didn’t really finish that week out last time (I stopped on Day #2).

9:30 am – Simple Maple Syrup Oats + Coffee – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)


Before even making coffee this AM, I was up checking my Google Reader. I read the Hungry Yogini’s post about maple syrup over breakfast oats, which reminded me how much I like maple syrup on oats and inspired me to make a bowl. I’m a bit low on toppings at the moment, so maple syrup oats were about the only thing I could make anyways!

I decided to grab my bottle of Vermont Maple Syrup with Vanilla Bean that I received in my lovely coast to coast swap with Kate from Cooking with Kate. This stuff is sooooo good!


The oats were pretty basic this morning – just old fashioned rolled oats cooked with water with a touch of flax seed and a drizzle of that uber-tasty vanilla bean maple syrup.


I enjoyed today’s AM brew in a mug that has one of my all-time favorite quotes, which reads, ” What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Every time I see this quote, it really makes me think…about what I really want…about what I hold myself back from doing or trying because I’m scared of failing.

2:30 pm – Veggie Soup + Buttered Toast – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)

I feel like I’ve been away from the house so much recently that I haven’t had a good house-work day in awhile. Today was very productive for me:

  • 3 (big!) loads of laundry (1 working in the dryer right now)
  • sorting through some old clothes and picking out items for donations
  • sorting through old magazines to recycle or donate
  • grocery shopping
  • blogging
  • visit with a friend in need (more on this in just a bit)

I tried to get most of my errands/housework complete before I took off for my friend’s visit.


Lunch was a quick re-heat of frozen bean + veggie soup with buttered Great Harvest Bread Company Dakota toast and water.


I enjoyed a quick organic plum snack, wrapped up some more errands, and then took off to see my friend.

3:45 pm – Friend-in-Need Visit

One of my best friends had surgery this past Friday. The surgery wasn’t too serious, but any surgery is a pretty big ordeal to me. Any time they have to put you under anesthesia, it’s pretty intense…at least I think. I decided to pay her a visit and bring her some goodies to help her recover.


First, I stopped by Starbucks to get her fave – the lemon, iced pound cake. I know she adores the stuff.

While I was there, I got myself a iced-vanilla-soy-latte. This was my first time trying a soy latte iced and it was pretty good. I definitely prefer hot soy lattes, but the weather was pretty warm today and I was feigning for a nice, cool beverage.


Next, I stopped at Trader Joe’s to pick up some flowers to brighten her home and some edible goodies. I bought this tiny bulb flower for her because she likes pink. I also thought a flower that grows may be more long-lasting than a bouquet and she will be off work for a couple weeks to recover.

I also got her a Pure Brownie Bar, a Kind cranberry almond plus antioxidants bar, a frozen veggie lasagna, and a frozen BBQ chicken pizza. The food snacks are kind of random, but I remembered she told me last week that she was stocking up on soup, so I wanted to get some stuff that was decidedly different.


I headed over to my friend’s house where she was relaxing with her dad. She loved all the goodies – especially that iced, lemon pound cake! Check out this adorable card our friend’s daughter made. I love how it says, “You will get better.” 🙂 So cute and thoughtful!


Around 6pm, my friend had to take some medicine and had to do so with food, so she decided to try out the TJ’s Garden Vegetable Lasagne, which I prepared for her while she chilled on the couch.


I’d never had this lasagna before, but it smelled great and my friend said it was really good. I was just glad to provide her something she enjoyed eating – especially since her medicine has been messing with her appetite.

I hung out with my friend a bit longer and we just caught up on life and watched a couple funny video clips. We love funny movies! Especially Borat! Eventually, it was time for me to eat dinner, so I headed home to meet up with hubby for some eats.

8:30 pm – Five Guys Burgers + Fries – Full (7)


Somehow, the idea of hamburgers popped into my mind earlier today and hubby agreed it sounded pretty tasty for dinner. We headed over to Five Guys to satisfy our burger cravings.


I love how they use fresh beef at Five Guys.


I had more coca-cola to drink, but I have been using a neat trick to keep myself from drinking too-too much. I’ve noticed that sometimes I’ll just keep drinking a drink just because it’s there, even though I don’t want any more. I’m hit and miss with this because sometimes I recognize that I don’t want any more and sometimes not. So, lately, I’ve been filling my cup all the way with ice and filling the rest with soda. Less soda in the cup means less soda I drink. I ended up not finishing my coke anyways and gave the last 1/3 to hubby.


Hubby was all smirky walking over with our food – he’s so funny sometimes!


I’m pretty traditional when it comes to burgers. Unless I’m out at a restaurant that already has crazy burger combos, like Red Robin, I usually just go for cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup, and mustard.


A closer look. The burger was super good – I like these thin patties. The burger looked almost hand-formed, but I’m not sure how they’re made exactly. I prefer hand-formed but can settle with at least knowing they were made with fresh, not frozen, beef.


We just split a small side of fries, which ended up being just about the perfect amount for us save a few extra fries that hubby wouldn’t let go to waste. I like fries like these that still have some skin on them. I always go for the nice, slightly crunchy ones especially!

9:45 pm – Organic Mango – First Signs of Feeling Full (6)


We received an organic mango in our produce delivery last week, and it seemed ripe enough to eat, so I decided to have a healthy dessert of mango, post-burger-and-fries-dinner. I watched this video and then this video to see how to cut the mango up. I felt a bit silly looking up videos to learn how to cut the mango since it seemed like it should be intuitive enough, but I was really happy that I watched those videos because I wouldn’t have known how to figure out where the seed/pit/whatever in the center was.


I’ve never purchased a mango, myself, to eat, but as soon as I took my first bite of that fresh-cut mango, it took me back to eating mango pieces with my mom. Since my mom is an island-girl from the Philippines, which is where mangos are widely grown, she ate them all the time. The mango was the perfect dessert to counter my heavy, but tasty dinner.


Although I’ve been eating healthy over the last couple weeks, even though I wasn’t officially doing SCBR, I was happy to get back into the SCBR -swing-of-things. Another thing I stopped doing over the past couple weeks is calorie counting. I’ll probably pick it up again sooner or later, but I feel like I’ve at least learned the basics of what I wanted to know, which was mainly to get an overall idea of how many calories I was consuming on a regular basis. So far, I’ve found the calorie counting much more useful than I originally expected, so, time-permitting, I’m hoping to pick things back up sooner rather than later.

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  1. Yum, I've been craving hamburgers lately. That one looks especially yummy!!

    And I've really gotta give mango a second chance. I had it once but I don't think it was quite ripe so I didn't really like it…

    Have a great Monday!!


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