SCBR Week 12/ Day 7 Food/Exercise Journal

My Last SCBR Post!!!

10:30 am – Breakfast in Bed – Content (5)


I didn’t have anything too crazy planned for my last day of SCBR, but I guess hubby did because he woke me up with breakfast in bed.


He made scrambled eggs with Mexican blend cheese and a Morningstar “sausage” patty for each of us. Hubby microwaved the patty and I thought it was surprisingly good cooked this way (as opposed to baking them like I usually do).


Hubby even made my coffee just the way I like it – sweet and milky.

12:30 pm – Mini Cinnamon Roll – Content (5)


Hubby and I went to Great Harvest to get one of the bread flavors I’ve been craving lately – Oat Bran.


I couldn’t resist grabbing one of these min cinnamon rolls while we were there.

After our errands, we met up with our realtor to go house-hunting! We just had 1 house to look at for Saturday and a few more scheduled for Sunday. The Saturday house was…uh…interesting. It would be a bit of a gamble buying it IMO, but who knows? No risk, no reward, right? It will be interesting to see how the houses we look at on Sunday compare.


After our house-hunting, I went with my realtor (who is my friend, too) to get a spa pedicure! I couldn’t help but think of Kelsey looking at all those nail polish bottles.


The salon had lots of pretty OPI colors, but I chose a bright orangy-red color. I love to do super bright colors when the weather is warm. Look who came over for my pedi picture…I swear, sometimes he poses himself…what a ham!


We grabbed smoothies afterwards for a quick lunch. I got the Protein Blast which had lots of good flavors, including: Strawberries, bananas, and soy milk. Yum!

After our pedis and smoothies, I went with my realtor friend to go bike shopping! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a bike lately. I wanted to get one a few years ago, but didn’t want to fork out the cash. I bought this really out of shape bike at a garage sale a couple years ago for a mere $5, but never did anything with it. Now, I’m back in bike mode and would like to get a multi-tasking bike so I can use it for exercise and so I can possibly run local errands with it to be green. I found a nice commuter bike I liked and it was on sale, but I need to wait till I have money to buy one, so we’ll see…my 1 year anniversary is coming up. Is metal for the 1 year anniversary? lol…jk I think it’s paper.

6:30 pm – Quick Dinner – Content (5)


Although we’ve had shrimp the last 2 nights, we decided to go ahead and get more for Saturday’s dinner because it’s just so healthy and quick to cook. We had plans with friends later and the house hunting put us a little more behind than we expected, so a fast dinner was a must. I think this one took about 10 minutes…love that!


I did a dinner similar to Thursday night’s meal: seasoned shrimp sauteed in olive oil, steamed broccoli with a butter drizzle, and a piece of GH Oat Bran toast with butter.

7:30 pm – Dog Bar!


We met up with Kate, Nate , and Kelsey at the local Dog Bar for a fun-filled Saturday.


Bailey had fun wandering around and making new friends.


Gilbert (click for bio) made an appearance, too.


We were happy to see Bailey and Gilbert seemed to get along quite well. I see a new friendship blossoming here.


The dog bar had some cool features, too, like this fire hydrant


…and this dog treat dispenser.


There was the cutest little puppy there last night – I think he/she was the fave of the group.


Kate played photographer for us so we could get a family shot. I think she did a great job – this picture came out awesome!


We got a family shot for the Gilbert fam, too.


The dog bar was super fun…I hope we get to go back soon.


We stayed till it got dark outside and tried to take more photos, but Bailey was too excited to sit still, so they came out blurry.


As the night went on, everyone started getting hungry. Hubby and I were the only ones who ate before the Dog Bar. So, we all headed over to Revolution Pizza . I was still full from dinner, but hubby got a small red pizza with pepperoni and jalapenos. Everyone’s food looked great, so I’m hoping we come back soon and I can try some of the yummy-looking pizza.

Well, for SCBR, I guess that’s all folks. I’ve had a lot of fun with this 12 week program and I’m hoping to do a book review and summary post in the next couple of days. Till then, happy weekend!

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  1. Your little Bailey is so cute! What a great idea…a Dog Bar. Sounds perfect for pet loving people. I don't think my little one would like it. She hates to be sniffed. 🙂


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