Thank You Trader Joe’s For Dinner

No, Trader Joe’s did NOT send me a free dinner. I am thankful that Trader Joe’s selection of healthful and quick options made dinner a cinch last night. Using food products from TJ’s, I was able to make a dinner without cutting, chopping, measuring, or otherwise breaking a sweat.

Here are some photos from dinner:


Pre-cut organic broccoli florets (just needed a lil rinsing)


Frozen Battered halibut (we LOVE these things!)


Something new to try – frozen Sweet Potato Fries.




Our package halibut only had 7 pieces, so I picked the biggest piece for moi and baked up 2 for hubby.

Dinner spread: halibut, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli (with drizzle of real butter)

I cooked the sweet potato fries at 425 (following directions) for the first few minutes and then took the temp down to 400 (for the fish) when I added the halibut. They still came out nice and crunchy (I did add on a couple minutes extra cooking time to make up for the lower temp).

This dinner wasn’t quick, but it was so easy and I was able to multi-task and do some other errands around the house while the food cooked up.

Thank you Trader Joe’s for your awesome selection of food!

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