Food Day + Zumba Christmas Jam

Food Day

After my most-awesome breakfast, I was ready for a long day of phone conferences and my company’s Food Day!


Food Day is the day each of my co-workers brings in a food item to share with the rest of our group. Most people cook things, but home-cooked foods are not required…just food.

I decided to make today a grazing day, but didn’t get to graze very far thanks to being locked down at my desk with phone conferences.

IMG_9507.jpg IMG_9510.jpg

I started my grazing around 9am with a Chick Fil A Chicken Mini and a Dunkin Donuts glazed donut hole.



I baked Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies last night for Food Day and my Holiday Cookie Challenge. I went ahead and got my cookies out on the Food table so they’d be available for my co-workers.



Around 10:30 am, I went for some home made banana bread…yum!



We had quite the array of options today!

IMG_9541.jpg IMG_9542.jpg

IMG_9535.jpg IMG_9533.jpg

IMG_9531.jpg IMG_9529.jpg

In the mix: meatballs, macaroni and cheese, rice with bacon and chick peas, salsa and tortilla chips, sausage balls, pecan tassies.


I had a 20 minute break in my day (yes, only 20 mins from 10am-4pm) from my phone conferences and it just so happened to line up perfectly with when we hit up the food table!


My plate: salsa and tortilla chips, bacon rice with chick peas, macaroni and cheese, chili (was looking for this since I enjoyed it so much last year), empanada (a Food Day staple for me…LOVE!).


Seriously, these empanadas as the shiz-nit!

I wanted to go back for seconds, but after overeating last night, I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I stuffed myself too much again. Plus, I had to save room for dessert!


I had a little ginger ale with lunch.


My dessert plate: apple slice with caramel, lemon meringue pie, oreo white chocolate ball, pecan tassie.



All the desserts were awesome, but I am a big fan of pecan tassies – some of my fave flavors.


The Oreo white chocolate ball was a nice surprise…so decadent but good.

Zumba Christmas Jam


My new zumbawear arrived today finally! I ordered this when it was on sale this past weekend and couldn’t wait for it to get here!

I decided to go ahead and wear some to tonight’s Zumba Christmas Jam party! We were supposed to dress Christmas-y, but I didn’t really have much to wear and didn’t want to spend money buying something for the party, so I decided my zumba pants with a red tank top would suffice.


I’m like a big kid when I get new stuff. I have to tear into it and check it out, play with it, wear it, use it, whatever! I put on as much zumbawear tonight as my body would hold.

I wore my new Samba pants with silver tassels. The tassels were fun because they whipped around when I was dancing. I knew I was moving my hips right when I saw the flashes of silver. lol

I also wore my new zumba hoodie. It was slightly tighter-fitting than I expected and not quite as stretchy as I would have liked, but it was super cute! Check out the “LOVE” with the zumba logo!


There’s also a logo on the hoodie head part.


So much fun dancing the stress of the week away!


I worked up quite the sweat and got down to my new zumba short top. I love the fit of the top! So comfy and I love the V-shape across the chest.


I also adore the LOVE and zumba logo on the back. So cute!

I had some more of those Oatmeal Butterscotch Cookies baked up, so I took them to give to some of my zumba friends. They were a BIG HIT! Yay! 🙂

Dinner Time!


After class, I went with my zumba friend Kat (Hey Kat!) to grab dinner. We hit up Jason’s deli and I couldn’t resist my new fave combo: turkey reuben, steamed veggies, and French Onion soup.

You know, I used to not like French Onion Soup because I thought the swiss cheese smelled funny, but Jason’s Deli uses provolone, which I love. The cheese is mild and gets uber-gooey all melted down. Yum! I even made Kat try some (even though she said she didn’t normally like French Onion soup) and she admitted she thought it was pretty good, too, and would consider ordering it in the future.


I got a mini ice cream swirl sundae with dark chocolate syrup.

Ahh…so nice having some good quality girl time!


I came home to a happy puppy who wanted to cuddle. He was pretty sleepy.


After settling in, I decided to have a wee bit more chocolate – 2 Trader Joe’s dark chocolate wedges with some warm milk. I think warm milk is so comforting.

Ahh…feeling pretty good about my Holiday Cookie Challenge! I managed to share one batch with two groups of people to spread cheer:

  1. My Co-workers
  2. My zumba friends

I think my zumba friends are really loving this cookie challenge because they almost always end up with some! lol

Tomorrow, I’m doing CPR training so I can be 100% AFAA certified. Then, I’m headed to hang out with The Blog Stalker, Pinky, the Hungry Wanderers, and some more friends. Can’t wait to see Elf and my friends!

I’m hoping we’ll pick up our Christmas tree this weekend, too! Maybe we’ll even put up curtains! 😉

What are your plans for the weekend?

8 thoughts on “Food Day + Zumba Christmas Jam”

  1. So the cookies turned out AWESOME!!! Unfortunately I burnt the first batch (turns out my oven is hotter than normal) but I still have enough to send along to two sets of relatives.

    That's what I'll do today! 🙂

    Oh and can you believe I've never tried Zumba!!!!!

  2. girl! all that food at your work looks fab especially that homemade banana bread! don't you just love those oreo balls, do u know they have cream cheese in them?
    looks like a great day 🙂


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