Lucky Duck + Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Breakfast in Bed

Boy am I a lucky duck or what?!


Hubby woke me up with another breakfast in bed. Isn’t breakfast in bed the best?!


Gingerbread coffee with whipped cream.


Sampler plate: Morningstar “sausage”, organic strawberries, apple, and donuts holes (from our fave local baker, of course).


Plus a whole donut. Ahh…fresh-baked goodness!


Bailey did a nice job begging to get up on the bed, but I resisted. Isn’t he a good little beggar?

Hubby and I spent the morning being productive in the house.

Unpacking, Etc.

I unpacked several boxes from the upstairs and basement area. I spotted a spider in the basement though, which really grossed me out. I did some research online and learned that spiders love cardboard. This is great since most of our unpacked stuff is currently stored in the basement in cardboard boxes. Ugh! I decided to continue my unpacking – with rubber gloves on. No spider bites for me, please!

Hubby was productive, too, and fixed our sink which has been clogged with butternut squash peel since a couple days ago. He thought he fixed it the first time, but didn’t quite get everything out. Today he was successful, though! Go hubby!

Butternut Squash Soup

Speaking of butternut squash…


…I decided to turn my leftover organic roasted butternut squash into soup for lunch!

Rather than a formal recipe, I think it’s easier to explain how I cooked this soup with photos. Here’s what I did to make my soup:


Place leftover roasted butternut squash in a food processor.


Add a bit of chicken broth (I used Earthfare organic broth) and pulse.


Repeat until mixture reaches consistency you’d like for your soup. Remember to add a little at a time – you can always add more, but you can’t take it back out.

Once mixture reaches consistency you want, add to a pot over medium/medium-low and cook until warmed through. Add about 1/4 cup milk to soup and stir in. Heat till warmed through.


Ta-dah! Butternut squash soup! So simple and easy but so good.


Serve with good hearty bread. I used Great Harvest Oat Bran oven-broiled with real organic butter.


What a great use for that leftover roasted butternut squash!

Christmas Fun

Hubby wants to take care of some Christmas-y things today:

  • Prep Christmas cards
  • Make some Christmas gifts
  • Bake Christmas cookies

I’m wrapping up watching Nutcracker on Ice, which I randomly found on TV. Then it’s time for Christmas activities and then getting ready for a holiday party with friends!

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