Earl Gray Infused Oatmeal

Hubby and I took this morning as an opportunity to get organized. We worked on putting things back into our cabinets.


Note space for new bowls and plates! 😉



I’ve decided that though I like my kitchen tools lazy susan, it’s really not that attractive, so I’m going to try hiding it inside our cabinets.

After our hard work in the kitchen, Hubby and I took Bailey out for a walk to get some fresh air.


I must say, the day is beautiful outside! Gorgeous blue-blue skies!


Bailey, of course, loved being outside and getting some exercise.


We came home and heated up some of my Mom’s Get Well soup for lunch, which I had with a bit of OJ.

I saved some room after the soup for a snack.


I think I’ve come up with my best oatmeal invention yet – tea-infused oats! I’ll be doing a how-to next.


I give you – Earl Gray Infused Oatmeal!


I cooked my oats stovetop and super low and let some loose Earl Grey Creme tea leaves infuse in the milk/water mixture as I went.





Such a light and simple flavor but sooo good!

Since the flavor of tea is subtle, I kept the toppings easy:

  • sliced almonds
  • hemp seeds
  • tea leaves

I’m going to try green tea next! Which tea would you like to see me try after that?

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