Thanks for the tips on managing dinner when you work out after work! If you have any to add, please leave em here (click)!

Here are my 2 faves:

  • Jen said “I typically have an afternoon snack before I leave work. So on days I exercise at night, I eat dinner during afternoon snack time and my snack during “dinner” time after my workout. I don’t go to bed with a full tummy anymore and feel much better in the am”
  • Rebeca said “I don’t know if you meal plan or not, but I make a serious commitment on Sunday nights to prep as much of my meals as I can and set them in containers for each night… I at least do three meal preps even if I don’t have a set night for them, that way I still have the freedom to go out and can just plop prepped veggies and measured out ingredients in pans and enjoy!”

Rebeca’s comment reminds me a lot of the Robin Miller style of meal planning. I’m probably one of the worst people I know at meal planning. I usually just fly by the seat of my pants. lol My Prep Day Sundays were pretty effective but more for lunches than dinners. I should work on this. Perhaps I could have a new challenge?! I’m due for a new challenge…though I do have some ideas related to a Project Hydrate-esque challenge but with vegetable servings! Anyone interested?

And…while we’re talking about yesterday, can I share another photo of last night’s Strawberry Country Cake?


Hot d*mn! I think I’m in love! Seriously though…I’m pretty comfortable in the kitchen with cooking…not so much with baking. And even then for both, when I’m entertaining I’m always terrified I’m going to royally screw something up and my food will be inedible. Thusly, when my kitchen experiments go right, I get really excited! 🙂


Would you believe I stayed up till 1 am last night browsing through the new zumbawear and talking myself out of buying too much new stuff? I started with a list of 5 things I wanted and managed, after an hour of coercing, to get my list down to a more affordable 3. I was glad to downsize my list but wish I could have done it well before 1 am! Can’t wait to share my new goodies…course, they have to ship here first! 😆


In my groggy state this morning, I decided to make breakfast quick. I toasted up some of mom’s whole wheat fruit + nut bread, which I topped sparingly with real butter.


I normally like to do almond butter (for the protein) on my breakfast toast (a la Power Toast), but I feel like it detracts from the delicious taste of the bread.  

Anywho, it was fast and delicious and made with love!


Ya’ll…my hair is so STRAIGHT today! My stylist used a straightening iron on my hair yesterday. I used to flat iron my hair every day but I felt like it was damaging it too much so I started wearing it more curly and doing blow outs. Plus, I like the extra body you get with blowouts. But, once in awhile I definitely love the look!


Since I was in such a rush this morning, I just grabbed a healthy frozen meal. As you guys know, I’m not the biggest fan of frozen meals, but as a busy working woman, I think they’re ok once in awhile – especially if you choose your meal carefully.

This one, by Cedarlane – Garden Vegetable, has a nice short ingredient list.


The flavor was nice, too! I loved the tender corn tortillas with the soft bean filling – plus the warm tomato-y sauce.


I also had a nice, big salad for lunch #2. In the mix – lots of fresh romaine (organic) and tomatoes from my garden – sweet 100s AND a green zebra! Plus, sunflower seeds, chick peas and balsamic vinaigrette.


And I couldn’t resist eating most of this donut leftover from a morning meeting. It was pretty good, but it doesn’t have anything on the ones we get from our local bakery!


Post-work, we headed out to Brixx for a farewell dinner for a co-worker who is leaving our project. 🙁


IMG_3447.jpg IMG_3448.jpg

My co-worker and I split a sampler – Sweetwater Blue (tastes like blueberries!) and Victory Golden Monkey.

I loved the first one and thought the second was really good but not quite as much my style.


IMG_3453.jpg IMG_3455.jpg

I snacked on apps the table ordered to share – bruschetta and hummus on pita triangles.


A side spinach salad for a veggie serving.


Plus half this BBQ Chicken pizza for the main event. (The other half will make an awesome lunch for hubby tomorrow!)


The thin crusts here are so tasty. I love saving the crust part of the pizza for last so I can savor the crunchy-carb-awesomeness!

I noticed the last time I ate out with a large group at Brixx that many people had different eating styles with pizza crusts. Some people saved them all till the end and then devoured all the crusts at one time. Some people didn’t eat the crusts at all. Some, like me, eat them at the end of each silce but before beginning a new slice.

How do you eat your pizza crusts (or do you not eat them at all)?

14 thoughts on “Crunchy-Carb-Awesomeness”

  1. Funny, I used to do the baking not the cooking first. I guess I thought of baking as easier b/c you just followed the recipe…that was it. The blueberry beer sounds so good. I had one recently on vacation and loved it. The crust eating…if it’s a super awesome crust, then I eat that last – save it all up. If it’s so so, I just set it aside period.

  2. i almost died when i saw that strawberry country cake! holy heaven…

    and i love to eat my pizza crusts dipped in ranch dressing (the Texas way) but am slowly learning to enjoy them dipped in honey (the Colorado way). who knew?!

  3. I eat my pizza crusts like you, at the end of each piece. My husband doesn’t eat his! Weirdo. Well, it’s ok when we’re home, because he shares with the dogs. 🙂

  4. love the hair! looks great straight!
    i eat the crust at the end of the piece too! usually i dip it in salad dressing

  5. I haven’t had pizza in ages, but when I last did I used to slide the crusts on to my boyfriends plate! Next time I have one I’m going to take on your other readers advice and dip it in honey! YUM. Never thought of that. Easy dessert 🙂


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