Costco Rocks-o

Before I get started on today’s morning post, I should mention that I’m so ecstatic that you guys are interested in my posts on kicking your “bad” eating habits (click for details)! I can’t wait to get started writing them! 🙂 May-haps I’ll do a little challenge to help encourage you guys?

On to today!


After sleeping in a bit this morning, my sis whipped up a fantastic breakfast.

IMG_9495 (600x400)

Whole wheat pancakes, scrambled eggs and pan seared sausage.

IMG_9497 (600x400)

Plus some fruit smoothies.

Thanks sis!

IMG_9515 (600x400) IMG_9502 (600x400)

A trip to visit my parents is always made extra yummy with a trip to Henry’s Smokehouse. Not the healthiest stuff in the world, but boy does it taste good! This place has my all-time favorit-est BBQ in the world!

IMG_9499 (600x400)

I got some of their yummy sweet tea.

IMG_9505 (600x400)

and my usual…a tender BBQ sandwich with creamy cole slaw and hot, crispy french fries.

IMG_9509 (600x400)

IMG_9508 (600x400)

The not-too-sweet sauce really makes the tender BBQ pop!

IMG_9511 (600x400)

I barely finished half my plate, but luckily hubby usually sweeps in to save the day.

IMG_9513 (600x400)

and my sis shared a bite of her banana pudding…nommmmm!

Post lunch, we headed to my parents rental house so I could take some photos to help them get it rented. My dad has been working on the thing forever so whoever rents it is going to be one lucky duck!

IMG_9626 (600x400)

Next we hit up Costco. I’ve been trying to talk hubby into a membership for a couple years now but today we just visited with my dad and sis.

IMG_3927 (600x450)

Want. Want! WANT!

Maybe one day?

IMG_3928 (600x450)

Best find – coconut water – 12 pack for only $14.69!!!!

IMG_3930 (600x450)

The biggest POM I’ve ever seen.

IMG_3932 (600x450)

And I even got to meet Don Pablo himself of Cafe Don Pablo. He’s going to do a giveaway for The Chic Life readers so stay tuned coffee fanatics. I got a sample of the coffee and thought it was really nice and smooth, so hubby and I bought a bag to enjoy over breakfast.

IMG_3934 (600x450)

Other fabulous find – Clean Eating mag – only $4ish! It’s normally $5.99. Score!

I really need to just bite the bullet and sign up for a subscription to this.


You guys know me…I’m such a dreamer! I have a bunch of mini projects in the works. Well, technically I have more ideas than time to try to make them all happen, but I’m just starting one I’ve had in my mind for the last yearish. No time like the present, right?! Aaaannddddd….we’re off!


Do you shop at bulk retailers like Costco or Sams? Which one do you prefer and why?

16 thoughts on “Costco Rocks-o”

  1. I love Costco! I rarely go since i live by myself and it is hard to finish things fit for a family before they spoil. The samples there are always the best though 😉

  2. Ahh, I’ve got a craving for a bbq sandwich and some cole slaw now. Yummm!

    I don’t shop at places like Costco but probably only because I don’t have a car and there aren’t any close to the train stations. Since it’s only the two of us, we probably wouldn’t make much use of it even if we did have a car. 🙂

  3. I’ve had a membership at Costco for several years and love it. Costco seems cleaner and more organized to me… I must go get coconut water though, hope ours has it. XO

  4. I actually did a I Love Costco post a few weeks ago. I really do love it (when it’s not crowded) because they always seem like they are trying to incorporate the best products. I heard that everything goes through many hours of testing just before they will sell it in their stores. And their return policy is awesome!

  5. I love costco they have more organic stuff than the other place (my family and I have a membership at costco, sams, and NJ’s). My favorite by far 😀 Just went there today 4.99$ for a 2.25lb of organic spinach!!! usually I pay $6-7$ for ONE pound in the supermarket!

  6. i love bulk stores! we only have sam’s here, and my parents have a membership so i just go when they come to visit. i don’t like it enough to go there all the time. but i love costco and would totally splurge on a membership there if there was one nearby!

  7. We don’t have a Sams nearby, but I am definitely a Costco gal addict. When it first open we used to go every Sat morning for fresh fruits and veggies and of course “dim sum” if you will. Since it’s become so popular now, our trips have been here and there. Definitely get the amex membership, I think you get better rewards that way. We recently just bought the Ninja (came with three blenders!!), for just under $50. You definitely find some of the best bargains and home appliances. And good reads too!

  8. i really love costco and sam’s…i don’t really notice a difference, but we have costco here so we go that route. i love going but we have to be really careful what we buy because we don’t ever want anything to go to waste!

  9. We just joined Costco last week. So far, we love it! I totally didn’t see Coconut water though.. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that next time!!

  10. Darron Burke (and his wife) were said to travel 50 weekends a year with their Cafe Don Pablo giving demos. I wonder if they’re still on the road as much. That’s a lot of travel. At one time they were going to open some branded restaurants but haven’t ever seen them.


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