Snack Face

There’s no place like home.

IMG_0341.jpg IMG_0378.jpg

Missed this little guy so much!

IMG_0323.jpg IMG_0345.jpg

Came home to a couple packages. I love presents!IMG_0335.jpg

Package #1 contained 2 new nut butters. A thank you from Matt for his new header I designed last week.

Matt sent me:

  • Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter
  • Justin’s All Natural Chocolate Peanut Butter

Nom! Looks delish! Thanks Matt!


In Package #2 – a new MUG (I don’t think I can have enough) my sister picked up while she was in NYC. It was PINK!! 🙂



I was going to make oatmeal so I could bust out one of the new nut butters, but I couldn’t turn down hubby’s offer of him making a fried egg and toast. Hot coffee was a big help today.



Isn’t Bailey a cutie pie? I missed cuddling with him this weekend.IMG_0358.jpg


Hubby gave him some mail to bring me. Good little worker.IMG_0366.jpg

Check out this icky bug. SOOO glad it was on the outside of the window.


After getting in so late last night, I was looking forward to some extra caffeine in the form of mate vana hot tea.IMG_0368.jpg

My equilibrium has been off today, too, which I think is either due to a deficiency of vitamins or dehydration. I was doing a good job of drinking lots of liquids, but I had a Vega Whole Health Optimizer in vanilla chai (a scant scoop) to help get some good vitamins in my system.


Got some good stuff out of the garden – heirloom tomatoes!IMG_0382.jpg IMG_0387.jpg IMG_0393.jpg

Made a quick and easy lunch (actually the one hubby planned to make for dinner) – Robin Miller’s Quick Fox chicken terriyaki. It was really tasty but I should have had some more veggies.IMG_0402.jpg IMG_0417.jpg

I used some of the extra ginger from lunch to steep in hot water for some ginger tea. You’re supposed to boil/simmer the ginger in water for 10-15 minutes for the real stuff, but I was feeling lazy.

And snacky…

IMG_0405.jpg IMG_0411.jpg

I tried out the Justin’s nut butter. Nommmm I loved how it was sweet and salty!

I dug into my swag bags and pulled out some snacks…IMG_0418.jpg IMG_0420.jpg

A fruit leather with recipe by Loved it, but think you need a dehydrator to make this and though I’d like one…I don’t have one to use.


Next up – Mary’s Gone Crackers Ginger Snap – nice and spicy.


Then some brown rice chips from costco.


I had a Larabar sample for a pre-zumba snack.


Had a fabulous hour of zumba tonight! The room we were in got so steamed up the floor got slippery and we had to take class outside! 😆 It was fabulous though and I danced to my hearts content. Post class, I had a mini booty boot camp to work on my booty shaking skills with fellow instructor Erica. She taught me some neat tricks I hope to bring to HLS next year! 😉

I took photos of our sushi dinner on my ninja camera, but it’s so late…I need to get some shut eye!

What do you eat when you feel snacky?

13 thoughts on “Snack Face”

  1. I wanted to rejuvenate myself from my long weekend too so I made Vega Vanilla Chai smoothie last night. I love how nutritious it is.

    When I’m feeling snacky, I eat fruits and trail mix. I always have trail mix in my purse for emergencies too.

    Btw, I didn’t get a chance to send a tweet back to you. I took my first Zumba class last week and it was so much fun. I used to dance back in the days so the class brought back a lot of fun memories. Thanks

    • Hey Lea! Sooo glad to hear you had fun in Zumba! I think it’s the perfect workout for people who used to have artistic fitness backgrounds – it reminds me of me and the figure skating. Not that you have to have such a background to enjoy or be good at zumba of course. 🙂

  2. Your pup is so cute bringing the mail! Hilarious. I’ve been snacking on all of my HLS swag stuff, too. The mini Larabars are definitely a favorite and I love Pop Chips. Aside from packaged foods, I’ll grab an apple with almond butter for a typical snack or some veggies with hummus if I’m craving salt.


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